1. I am also having this problem. How do you turn off RGB on the fans?

  2. Got it and did that and still same problems.

  3. 38% is too low. read my post again and try a higher number

  4. Is there an update to this card, it is end of april 2023 this card is 1799$. Please give me and update as I’m thinking about buying this card

  5. I don’t think there’s any firmware update but then again last I checked was 2 months ago. It should be fixable with the steps I provided in my post about the fan revving (see my post history).

  6. Yeah it shows the correct readout and changes as expected. I don't keep aorus engine or rgb fusion open, doesn't seem to matter.

  7. Thanks. Just a noob question: I couldn't find this Aorus engine in Gigabyte's website, even on my card's support page, the downloads only show Gigabyte control center (which does have a tab for RGB fusion and a tab for the LCD screen). I found Aorus engine on some random websites that I wouldn't trust.

  8. Mostly cause of the plastic fan shroud. Having metal fan shroud is really just fashion thing nothing more, it doesn't make the card last longer. Even the highest end cards in 10 series like my 1080 Ti ROG Strix all had plastic fan shrouds and no one was crying about that back then.

  9. Good to know! I think people don’t mind the plastic per se, but think that because this card has a plastic shroud then maybe they cheaped out on other components? For me, I just care about cooling potential and coil whine.

  10. I have the Gaming OC, what did you do to fix the revving issue?

  11. Check my post history, it’s the last post

  12. Gigabyte Aorus Master, zero coil whine. In fact my corsair RMx 850 is what’s whining in my system.

  13. So the PSU is causing the card to coil whine OR you hear it directly from the PSU?

  14. No, it’s just the psu, because it also happens when the card isn’t installed. It’s very subtle though and i can only hear it because I configured my pc to be dead silent on idle and even under full load, my card rarely spins faster than 1300 rpm (temperatures are great, core at 67 or less under full load)

  15. Gigabyte 4080 gaming OC. I've gotten the coil whine when I tested the gpu to make sure all the fans work (because of the annoying "one fan keeps spinning while idle and low temps" issue), I got some decently loud coil whine from quick stress test. So far, though, I haven't gotten it while gaming and didn't get it while testing the gpu again yesterday.

  16. Do you get fan revving where the fans boost to a really high rpm for a second and go back?

  17. See my post history, it can be fixed.

  18. Using Gigabyte 4090 Gaming OC, Solved problem using following fan settings in MSI Afterburner;

  19. You’re giving away the fan stop feature. I would want to keep it.

  20. Yeah, I know, but it's not that loud at 50% anyway.

  21. I don’t think they would. You can try one of the 2 fixes in the post

  22. Aorus 4090 master. Haven’t looked at hotspot, but during all of my 3dmark testing on all the various benchmarks, the card doesn’t ever break 66°c. It’s on the OC bios with the 133% power limit

  23. I apologize for necro posting, I have the same card and I want to know your ambient temperature, other card temperatures (hotspot and vram), fan rpm and maybe look at your fan curve. I know it’s a lot to ask for but i’d be extremely grateful to you.

  24. I’ll have to run some benchmarks for the hotspot and vram.

  25. yeah, that's called fan revving...they spin really loud, above their 100%. I think i have solved the issue, and i will make a post about it soon.

  26. 48C2 and 4090 here. no issues. g-sync enabled and capped at 117fps

  27. yeah, just got my 4090 few hours ago and so far so good. I capped fps globally in msi afterburner to 117. Did you use msi AB as well or another method?

  28. it's most likely a software/driver problem and not a hardware problem

  29. Yeah, it is an nvidia problem, specifically a problem with the current gen as the 3000 cards worked fine. However it seems to be fixed according to the comments here.

  30. Be careful, this is the 650w version

  31. PS: It's a top tier PSU according to this

  32. It sounds like that input had a lot of noise with the gain turned up and nothing terminating it so it was just pumping noise into the headphone out.

  33. Do you think it's a good idea to keep the settings this way?

  34. Absolutely, especially if nothing is plugged in to it. I suspect that if something was plugged in with an impedance that was optimal the noise floor would drop, but if it is just an open circuit there's no harm in leaving the gain down.

  35. Side sleeping is of the few things I still use my airpod pros for after getting some nice IEMs. They don’t protrude too much so usually I just poke a part of my pillow down where my ear is going to go and it works pretty well. I use a synthetic down pillow so it’s a little easier to create a pocket for your ear - probably not as easy with other styles of pillows. Fun part is finding them in the morning if I toss and turn.

  36. Do they isolate the outside noise well when you play something on them?

  37. Yes, they have active noise cancellation that works amazingly well.

  38. I only played skyrim once as a nord warrior. I heard that a mage walkthrough is really hard and often unplayable in the very late game (level 80 and higher) because even master level spells can’t do much with enemies at that level. My question: i need the best mod that overhauls the magic system so that it matches the player’s level, no matter how high it is. I’d prefer a simple mod, not one that adds dozens of new spells.

  39. Speak of the devil. I just ordered mine for 500SGD (370USD). I think that's insane price to specs ratio. Gotta wait for it to be delivered and I'll update

  40. What's your experience with Freesync/Gsync? any issues like flickering when fps fluctuates?

  41. there is flickering in desktop applications that run at 30fps. but it's not that bad unusable. but when playing games, there is NO visible flickering and it's smooth af. this monitor is bloody amazing for the price and highly recommended

  42. Good to hear! I'm gonna get it at black friday. So in games you tried adaptive sync? if yes is it Freesync or Gsync?

  43. Works fine for me in freesync compatibility mode. Super cool for games overing between 70 to 100 fps. In game I have yet to reach 144fps because my 1070 and 4690k can't for the type of games I play.

  44. Have you noticed any brightness flickering specially when your fps is unstable?

  45. Why not put them in the hidden album? Yeah no grouping, but.

  46. It would still show the album name if i hid the photos. And I want to make multiple albums.

  47. I tried it. I wanted to upgrade to premium because they limit the free version to 2 albums only. I paid for the premium and they didn’t give it to me! I asked apple support and they gave me a refund.

  48. Yeah I tried that. Also they only sell intel CPUs with them.

  49. There are a few places that will assemble them for you for a fee, but none that I know of will ship internationally. It's just local in-person stuff.

  50. Wouldn't mind a fee at all even if it's overpriced. All they have to do is get the parts, assemble them and ship them to a US address (which I can use to ship internationally).

  51. is that enough? shouldn't I get guardian stuff so that i can handle any threat level?

  52. As I understand it, AX weapons should be enough at any level if you're skilled enough as a pilot, you use a Xeno scanner, and you know the tactics.

  53. alright that's good to know. I'm thinking about an engineered type 10 with ax weapons, i know it's slow but i read it can wreck bugs almost instantly.

  54. LFC requires the minimum of the freesync range to be less than maximum divided by 2, recommended is 2.5.

  55. I see, so AMD's website has made a mistake listing dozens of monitors being LFC enabled when they actually are not?! It's so confusing. I know how LFC works and logically speaking these monitors should not be able to support LFC!

  56. Yes the site is wrong, you are not the only one to notice it, there were several posts about it.

  57. Thanks a lot. Now I know I should be looking at other monitors that actually have LFC.

  58. I’m upgrading from an i5-2500k. Should I plunge on this or should I shoot for an AMD 2600x/2700x? I mostly game but multitask a lot while gaming.

  59. No reason whatsoever to pick this cpu instead of a 2600x or a 2700x

  60. I’ve seen more stacked Soviets than stacked Axis, but I’ve only EVER seen people who play soviet whining about a stacked opponent. These are usually people who take the game too seriously and play exclusively on one side (ie: Russians and actual communists that only play Soviets).

  61. That's because many veterans are counterstacking, thus going Allies more often.

  62. I find that more to be a soviet problem. You have Russians that only play allies and never switch. They’re almost always level 99.

  63. There are a lot more Axis only players compared to Allies only. It's not an exact way to notice it but if you look at the global achievements for RO2 you'll notice 8.2% have the Knights Cross compared to the 4.8% that have the Hero of the Soviet Union. Even those that have both achievements may only have the Russian Achievement on the rare occasion that they did play Allies or on accident.

  64. You get those achievements on accident anyway. That’s how i got hero of the soviet union though i never play allies; i joined a server and couldn’t join the axis so I clicked on spectate, and the match literally ended a few seconds later and the soviets won the campaign. I’m pretty sure most of those 8.2% just tried the game and moved on. Germany is way more popular than Russia so it’s understandable.

  65. Company of Heroes 2: German Commander - Storm Doctrine

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