1. Partly because stations don't advertise their premium prices and they assume people who need premium won't drive away without gas once they see the price on the pump. So basically they're trying to see how much they can get people to pay for it. This is also why the gap between regular and premium just keeps going up.

  2. They do not know me. Costco is the best option. Gas stations in my area have premium priced at $1-1.30 USD more while Costco is only 20 cents more expensive. Literally left and made the extra 10 min drive to Costco because it’s so absurd

  3. Any update? I recommend cross posting to Houston subrrddit

  4. Dang. Did they remove it because you had your personal number on there? If so maybe crop it out and leave the police number on there. It’s better than nothing. I hope he is found safe and well :(

  5. I just personally think we will never have enough electricity generation to charge all the electric cars that will be on the road. What happens when a 100 million people plug there cars in all at once. Electricity will skyrocket in price just like gas. Personally thinking about buying a new ice car and putting it in storage and get it out when you can’t buy them anymore. Someone should start an ice car restoration company so you can get your ice car redone.

  6. There’s solutions to that. Now to get to those solutions is another issue. A bunch of energy goes to waste from the grid at night already. Most ev charging will be at night.

  7. It's like a shitty version of anki. it will throw problems that you struggled with, but it will throw them at you 3 times. Which is a complete waste of time, b/c you've already "memorized" the answer by choice already.

  8. I feel like sometimes it’s nice because it drills it in to your head more tbh. Worked for me so far

  9. I mean $44k for a ranger to me is absurd. That’s like new F-150 money not even 5 years ago

  10. Well inflation has happened. It’s not 2000 anymore. Adjusted for inflation numbers line up

  11. Eh, over 1/2 of inflation has been proven to be corporate greed, profiteering, and rent seeking, so the numbers are still higher than they should be.

  12. Wages won’t catch up but actual inflation it tracks

  13. I mean, sometimes. If you’re paying as much as you’d otherwise pay over time, it’s a dumb thing to do. Why pay money up front that you could otherwise pay in less valuable money years from now?

  14. Interest is calculated off balance and the amortization of the loan has most of the interest in the first years of the loan

  15. They take most of your stomach. Sure your stomach can stretch a little but it will never go back to before. People gain weight because they eat junk food all day throughout the day “slider foods”. The sleeve is meant to keep get you full on less. Doesn’t change the science on losing weight it just makes the process easier. High protein low carb and fats diet just translates to eating less calories than your body burns since it’s easier to do eating like that. Drinking a Diet Coke won’t ruin your pouch. You might feel uncomfortable but what will ruin goals is eating drinks with high calories since it’s easy to go overboard. People tend to stay away from the drinks because it can open a Pandora’s box and bring back cravings for bad food but others are totally fine.

  16. Guess every model is getting a lightbar

  17. Just got the new RX350. DINK though

  18. How? I'd think paid parking would deter people from driving there and thus reduce the likelihood of drunk driving. No way in hell I'm paying for parking to judt go to Main Street.

  19. Isn’t it free after 6pm right now? From my understanding that’s the case right now. Feels like city is trying to squeeze the last bit of money out of us. A cheap drunk guy would rather drive home drunk than pay.

  20. Houston is a Foodie spot for sure so prepare to come with an empty stomach and try some of the food we have to offfer

  21. Don’t know if this is fake. With the amount you were studying you should’ve been able to take the time down by 2-3 months. At your rate I’d finish2-3 chapters a week tbh

  22. The weird part is that he's not white

  23. Ideologies are all reaching.

  24. I have an iPad to replace my books. Still use a laptop for the lectures. I screenshot each page and add it to good notes and annotate on there. I really like it tbh.

  25. Get the best deal. Finance with them then pay it off the next couple days. Make sure there is no penalty for paying early but there usually isn’t

  26. Surprisingly. All these types of products cost about this much and the cheap ones really suck. Didn’t buy this particular one bought a similar one from the apple site and has held up for yearss

  27. Paid 58k for a Lexus. Shit you can get a NX for that price and be much more comfortable

  28. My coworker takes his used Lexus to the Toyota Dealership for all service.

  29. I see a lot of people saying this, but I have driven several Premium trim Toyotas recently, and none felt as nice as my 2005 Lexus.

  30. I would like loaded Toyota but driving experience from just base Lexus to loaded is much different. Do not want all the road noise. Opted for the Lexus

  31. To take over the GX? Don’t see how this fits in the lineup aside from maybe a counterpart to 4Runner??

  32. Grand Highlander counterpart. Still a CUV, but has more space than an RX.

  33. Forgot they introduced the grand highlander. Makes sense. Don’t see the price being less than 70k tbh fully loaded rx is 66k maybe starts at 60k?

  34. Well, considering a very base model NX250 will run around $45k + after TTL, they will definitely take your money on this one. I'm looking to buy another Lexus but even Teslas are cheaper AND you can get a deal on them if they have one on the lot. I think Toyota/Lexus is the last one playing the lack of inventory game.

  35. Don’t really think it’s a game lol when everyone wants one

  36. It’s in the republicans dna. It doesn’t surprise me.

  37. It’s bad I’ve had a class in every single one of these rooms

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