1. Dude this is amazing. Can’t even imagine how long it took but props to you. I’ll be checking your website after every video now

  2. If all options are theoretically on the table, then Id write in for Theodore Roosevelt, the GOAT.

  3. This is a problem people have? I feel like we're looking for things to be bothered over

  4. How is not being able to hear the dialogue a minor gripe?

  5. Well like I said originally, I’ve never had a problem with hearing dialogue in his movies. There have been moments when I’ve really had to listen closely, but I think the way Nolan uses music makes the scale and themes of the movie way more important than what they’re saying

  6. It's baffling to me how he can even be called a good filmmaker when he intentionally makes the sound so awful in many of his movies

  7. I personally love the sound mixing on Nolan’s films. I like it better when the music overcrowd the dialogue a little bit. It makes it way more intense and awe inspiring

  8. If you’re interested in more current work, William Lane Craig has a really interesting question of the week that he answers on his website Reasonable Faith. I would take a look at that.

  9. This idea seems to suffer from a misunderstanding of the central claim of determinism. It isn't that only the end result is determined (your passing/failing the test). If this were the case, then it would be like a fate decreed by the gods (very much as imagined in an ancient Greek myth) such that no matter what you choose or what you do, somehow events will conspire to put you in your pre-ordained place. But in determinism, it is every moment that is determined, including all of the moments leading up to the test in which you study or goof off. You will only pass the test if you study; and you will only study if something causes you to study, say, your desire for a good grade. The point of determinism is that what happens is what was going to happen, but that includes the entire chain of events leading up to it, including all of the little choices and actions you make along the way.

  10. How am I to know that when I give up studying, this is not just another part in the chain of pre-determined events?

  11. I watched one in Chicago. Idk if that narrows it down. Idk why that’s getting downvoted. They seem like mid-low single digit hdcps. Very solid. But I have no desire to watch okay golf, me and my buddies do that every week. It’s just not for me. Like I said good on them for making something substantial out of golfing with your buddies

  12. Tig is consistently playing in pro tournaments, two of them played College golf, and the other three are low to scratch golfers. That’s really impressive for YouTube.

  13. There is some good literature on tradition, though I’m not sure how many people would defend the kind of traditionalism that says things become morally authoritative simply because they have been around for a long time. There are people who would make that argument (and have, historically) but I would hope most philosophers would have a more nuanced view. If you are interested in the background for that kind of thing, counter-Enlightenment figures in the 18th century or anti-modernists in the 19th century made arguments like that.

  14. Awesome, I’ll definitely check those out. Thanks!

  15. I forget where I heard this analogy from, but I think it's rather intuitive. Imagine you have an opaque box containing little plastic balls in different colors. You are allowed to take balls from this box and observe their color, but only one at a time. You must put the ball back in the box after observing it.

  16. Isn’t the answer, “at most” not “at least”?

  17. There are at most 2 A things, therefore out of any 3 A things, at least two of them must be identical.

  18. Why does it say that Oppenheimer will be Nolan’s first musical?….

  19. That’s actually really interesting. I would’ve thought the total opposite.

  20. Are you saying that the existence of god is required for the existence of an objective ultimate good?

  21. Pretty good swing here. Definitely some natural talent. A few things though. Main issue is you’re getting steep in the transition. From the top of the swing you come over the top and release the club early. Work shallowing out the club coming down but make sure you continue to rotate your body through the ball - you do a great job of that.

  22. I’d try taking a step back to create space and give you more room to swing.

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