1. Wow this looks great. Might be a good fix for my RDX!

  2. 320 HP for more than 50k…. It’s just crazy Acura need to stop with these expensive & slow ass cars

  3. Can see why some real people don’t post here y’all be hating for no reason ……

  4. There is a video on YouTube of a guy installing a lowering kit from Eibach. 1.5" drop on the front and 1.25" on the rear. The video has the exact kit number and it was $350 direct from Eibach.

  5. The RDX should change the engine too expensive with only 272 HP

  6. Feel u I got the 21 Aspec and it feels a lit slow my MPG is really down I change the gas every other week but u gotta get used to is a SUV alit heavy go to PRL website get some custom stuff there it won’t affect your warranty

  7. I’ve been looking for upgrades. Saw your comment $ I’m going to look up stuff for myself. Ugh

  8. Also curious about this. My dealer also charges ~$850 to install it, and per a YouTube video it’s two tools and ~15min of work. FYI for anyone else in the market, can either DIY or I’m sure save a ton having someone else install it.

  9. Exactly is 15 mins work but they charges us a lot I’m just gonna get it on eBay or Amazon

  10. Go to the dealer order the parts gloss black emblems I did that with mine u can check it out on my profile

  11. Did you talk to the neighbor? See if he'll pay for it out of pocket.

  12. The thing is ima hav to pay some if my insurance fixed I want him to pay for everything it wasn’t a accident my car was parked on my house

  13. Because OP didn't actually record the neighbor hitting his car, only parking near it and walking away.

  14. Exactly that’s why they said that’s wasn’t enough prove

  15. Acura is tripping selling these SUV and sedan so expensive with no power only 2.0 turbo and 4 cylinder I see this Toyota , Hyundai way faster and cheaper acura still in the past like the new integra slow asf and over the 40$$$$

  16. Only drive to my work and I live 5 mins away from work so I just don’t get it I tried every single gas station Sam club Wawa BJS sonoco shell all of them and my gas doesn’t last long imagine driving in sport+ mode

  17. I have the same problem with my RDX 2021 they’re suck

  18. Yeah really one of the only things I don't like

  19. I’ve been going through the same with my 2021 RDX I was gonn take to the dealer cuz it takes forever to get cold I changed the cabin filter still the same it’s my first time using the AC cuz I bought it back in November now I get mad cuz it wastes my gas ⛽️ and I hav to wait at least 10 mins for the AC

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