What are some movies that you consider to be 10/10?

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  1. What I like about Hamill is that he literally got old but is still the same chill ass dude. He has not changed not one bit.

  2. My coworker came into work and she was already having a bad day when she dropped her coffee as she was getting out of the car. So I figured out what it was (it was Starbucks so I just deciphered the little ticket - I don't do Starbucks much) and went and got her another.

  3. What about squeezing men's balls into oblivion? Some of those things are going to be down to their ankles soon

  4. Who are all of these Teddy Roosevelt fans? Lolol!

  5. The good ol' Bud Spencer memorial bellybump

  6. Dwight Schrute : Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will.

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