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i don't even know what to say anymore lol.

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  1. Bruh people see a grandfather clock and are like zOMG guyZ StrangeR thiNgs crossovEr CONFIRMED (no clickbait)

  2. softly thank you, I was getting worried. I know it’s a lot to ask, I really can’t leave without it. It’s somewhere nearby.

  3. She doesn’t actually say it, it’s just a reference to the jarring difference between her voice lines and Neds voice lines

  4. Reddit neckbeards boosting their own bad self esteem by mocking someone elses appearance.

  5. Likely soon, if last trends are anything to judge by. Last Seen 136 days ago

  6. The most deserved headshot snipe. Man did all his locker emotes on the poor guy

  7. Actually some of the newer emotes use Chapter Two defaults which I think is cool

  8. For people saying it is a bot: while it is theoretically possible, all bots in game have set cosmetic load outs. Unless they added new bots in the most recent update (which is entirely possible and I could be mistaken) there is not currently a Brilliant Bomber A.I.

  9. I personally love the new burst. It’s super versatile and easy to upgrade now, so my friend and I usually hunt for them

  10. I am taking a break from Maining Dire to wear the new goat skin lmao

  11. No, we need to know it by the minute. Hell, by the second!!!

  12. The fnbr subreddit mods are on a massive power trip like 24/7

  13. That was one of my favorite features of C1S6/C1SX. So many good memories of that island.

  14. This was the first thing I said after my initial “awwwwwww”

  15. Bruh they can’t do one of my mains like this man cmon

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