1. Interesting! I think the SDs look best with waist emphasis but the SNs look best with waist definition… at least the ones pictured here!

  2. I've been compared to DJ and I am D! I honestly think she is D now, it's a hot take but I think she's a "Taylor Swift D" (somewhat soft in the face, not super duper sharp or narrow, but also doesn't need to accommodate width or curve). I love Dakota in shiny fabrics, a super sharp v neck, monochrome...

  3. I totally get that! I also feel FN isn’t quite right lol tho posible

  4. Yea I agree she especially looks fresh and sensual in that photo!

  5. Sorry - didn't meant to come across as aggressive or hostile, just was genuinely curious what you saw.

  6. No! You didn’t at all. I’m sorry I came off as aggressive! I was just trying to explain what I meant lol I could still see R for her but I also don’t want to say that I’m typing her as either ID since I really don’t know. It’s just a possibility either way for me

  7. The second dress(blue) is really nice. The green dress is too clingy. The fabric is a no. And I think the last jumpsuit is also really good! The polka dot dress could maybe work but I’m not sure about the puffed part of the sleeves

  8. Another one I have to disagree on is Kim💀💀😩 I really can’t see her being a part of the D family and think she doesn’t look particularly petite (I’m talking only pre surgery lol) nor does she have vertical so I really don’t see the TR arguments for her either. I personally see a strong frame and flesh on top—but the width is there too in that again, she’s not small small (even though she’s 5”2) but also doesn’t (in my opinion😭) have vertical either so that leaves me thinking the only real option is SN🤷🏻‍♀️ You know what I honestly think is throwing people off?? Her color palette (dark winter) being strictly associated with SD and TR. I’m making a new post abt this (ofc I am lmao) because I think it’s a Kibbe dilemma that really confuses me and a lot of other people, especially regarding essences. I see Diva-Chic as much more Kim, essence wise though. Again, a big part of this is her best colors being associated with SD and not so much Scarlett Johansson Julianne Hough “fresh and sensual” lol.

  9. 😂!!! Feel free to disagree! I feel like she’s more SD cuz she just screams diva chic to me 😆. She is short (there are shorter SDs) but idk I feel like if you gave her a huge feather boa and a dress with lots of bold draping, she’d be right at home in it lol!

  10. I get what you mean and can see the argument when you put it like that loll

  11. I totally get why ppl see her as SN though but for some reason she just looks so different to me 😂. Buuuut I do hope Kibbe would consider typing her cuz I wanna know lol

  12. The fabric and colour of a piece are the first things in my mind, second is body type/fit which can be changed. I think the largest thing I took away from the Kibbe program was intention while shopping and putting a look together. I also feel like I can make a HTT out of anything!

  13. That’s awesome! I love that you don’t feel limited to any item of clothing. It’s great that you can make an htt from anything!

  14. I dress vintage too! I’m a SD and it tends to look really nice on me. Let’s be friends☺️

  15. Yay! So glad to find someone with vintage interest 💕! Let’s definitely be friends ❤️

  16. I love this look! But I definitely agree that you could go really bold…and dare I say decadent…with the gold jewellery.

  17. You could be SN or you could be R! Width can be in the shoulders or rib cage really but sometimes it’s really hard to tell if it’s width or double curve. Tbf you don’t have to worry so much about it because both are recommended very similar fabrics and silhouettes anyway. I’d say just dress in what you understand works for you! Which I think is draping and some waist emphasis (with or without cinching—see which best works for your silhouette)

  18. I love you and this post. I recently left the main Kibbe sub because I realized no one is ever going to agree, and it’s just a real judgy vibe over there. You know what’s a great way to learn about lines? Take a figure drawing art class. Look at people as art. You will start to see the differences in proportion more clearly after some practice.

  19. I’m an artist and I agree the best way to learn about lines is to take a drawing class hands down. Literally the first thing you learned is how to draw a line

  20. Hi! I’d love to work on this with you! It’s such an adorable story. Is it ok to provide you with samples of my work? I’m an illustrator/animator and have experience in both. Let me know if it’s ok to DM you?

  21. I got thrown back into the closet by my mom. I came out to my brother and he was reluctantly supportive, i.e he told me it was a bad idea and a choice but he couldn't stop me. Then I came out to my mom and the reaction was so bad that even my brother stabbed me in the back and took my mom's side against me. I was terrified about sleeping in my own bed, and realized the loving relationship I thought I had with my family was very very fragile. I've been back in the closet lying about being straight and living in half terror since. The wild thing was my mom was actually an ally, but she flipped 180° when it was her daughter.

  22. Im so sorry this was your experience! I’m honestly terrified of coming out to my mom for that reason. Like it feels like she tolerates lgbtqia+ ppl but based on the way my extended family and my mom talks about the community I feel like if I came out saying yea I like women too…I’d get disowned from my entire family except maybe my siblings. I remember once I said I wanted to wear mens clothes and the aggression with which she yelled at me still shakes me up to this day.

  23. And remember that it is ok especially with older family members to never come out

  24. This! I only came out to one family member because I knew it was safe with them. It’s ok to never come out to your family members if you don’t feel it’s safe too. You don’t need to feel pressured to do it

  25. yes! i feel the same way! i mean i personally am not obsessed with Kibbes descriptions but I always took FN as long but not as sharp as a dramatic, but not too rounded. like almost like the full “width” of a shape without having the sharpened angles, but the angles aren’t rounded off either… if that makes sense lol. i also do think there is a big lack of diversity in kibbe. when i was researching fn celebs it was really hard to find someone who wasn’t white and verified. I also notice when there is curve/angles/ what have you on a white woman they are romanticized, but when it is a minority woman they are quick to be sexualized within their typing… wish people online weren’t so hyper fixated on certain aspects for sure!

  26. Yea I mean it’s subjective and arbitrary in some ways. And I can understand if someone doesn’t like the descriptions (we’re all different) but for me It sounds like a description of like a Greek goddess or something tbh.

  27. Very true! And i appreciate the description of greek goddess that makes me so happy (especially as the granddaughter of sicilian immigrants) Yeah i for one probably lean too much on verified celebs because i find it to be so fun to see what they’re wearing that works/doesn’t work, but i probably should be focusing more on the yin/yang like you said! (you definitely weren’t all over the place i totally get what you’re saying!)

  28. Oh! Sure no problem. That’s really the image I get from the descriptors. FN women are being encouraged to stay bold and not let others diminish their boldness. Which is something I see so often talked about in here

  29. I think they’re doing it to get more customers rather than to actually become sustainable. They’d have to considerably slow down their processes, increase prices, increase pay and completely overhaul everything in addition to these pledges they are making for me to believe they’re moving towards sustainability. By design ff isn’t sustainable in the least imo

  30. You are literally gorgeous! And its so cool you have a pet duck. But also maybe id take off the spanking and wifey bits

  31. Hi! I’m an illustrator and animator and I can do anime style. Can I DM you some examples of my work? My IG is @spindaliss if you’re interested in looking at it as well or you can contact me by email at

  32. Hopefully more people will understand! We know that the internet can take an interpretation and turn it into a fact!

  33. This is the post we need to come back to again and again to centre ourselves. It’s about your specific needs and not arbitrary lines you think clothing has or a particular ID has. I love how you put it 💕

  34. OHHH I was in this group Freely Kibbe, thats why. Whoa David is in the group? thats wild

  35. Ohhh yea Freely Kibbe is pretty awful. Strictly Kibbe is way better. Although I have seen some new ppl enter who want to be told their type or want ppl to check their bodies and they’re shut down really quickly. It’s actually a bit more wholesome in a way

  36. Ooooh. Is SK a reddit group or the FB group? I left the FB group bc the body checking behaviour was getting out of hand and it felt soooo militant. I think I've learned enough and now I can just apply it to things irl.

  37. Strictly Kibbe is the Facebook group. I’ve never seen any body checking in there. In fact they don’t allow ppl to post photos asking to be typed. David Kibbe is in the group as well and he sometimes provides tips. You just do the exercises and apply what you learn from the exercises to outfits you create for yourself. Which is way different from what I’ve seen in other groups

  38. That light blue sparkling gown is to die for. Keke out her being gorgeous and amazing and living her best life. No idea what her ID would be but she does seem to accommodate vertical and her vibe is kinda similar to what I associate with FN.

  39. I love that you posted this cuz it’s so true! Lol. My phone camera makes me look a lot wider and taller than I actually am. It’s really annoying lol. I should just use my dslr next time I take a photo 😂

  40. I like these kind of tops! Altho the ones I like have a mock neck. They’re really cute and accent shoulders really nicely I think. Just ensure you wear the correct bra (or no bra if you can) and it’s flawless

  41. Ooh, a mock neck on this would be really cute! Yea, bras are hard to get compatible with some tops

  42. You’re so right. Maybe a strapless bra or a halter or something cries crossing might work. I’m not sure haha bras are hard

  43. This is such a good post! lol and now I’m so confused about myself haha. I have wide shoulders and maybe the most slightest of curve (which I think is more apparent since gaining a lot of weight) which showed up a lot in my arms and legs but not my waist 😂. I was thinking maybe I’m more yang or maybe I am SN…sometimes I think I’m maybe more yin. It has been a struggle to decide where it is I fit tbh but this makes me think maybe I do have more curve than I thought

  44. Lmao when I was scrolling through Reddit I was wondering why I couldn’t click on the image to open the post and why it was bigger than the others 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  45. I haven’t gotten it in this sub specifically but I remember different ppl saying that I look “athletic” and my shoulders look “strong” and so I must be soft natural because they see width and curve and I mean I guess they didn’t mean any harm by it. But I’m not sure where “strong” means you must be a natural came from either? Cant anyone look strong?? And I mean in my culture I don’t look strong and wouldn’t be considered strong at all so it’s really weird to be told that as well

  46. It’s very bizarre because… Who’s the most famous R of our times? Probably Madonna and she is extremely athletic and strong looking. She would NEVER be told R on the sub because yin types can’t work out or have any muscle right? /s

  47. I agree! I swear every month there’s a post questioning Madonna and Beyoncé about being Rs and it’s like have you SEEEN Madonna? She’s so R it hurts lol.

  48. Hi! I’m an animator and illustrator and I love drawing cute things with lots of colour! if you’re still looking for an artist I can DM you a few examples of my work!

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