1. I suppose I’ve never really thought too hard about it before. I don’t really own that many items of clothing in order to experiment so much but I think I change quite often. I really like the idea of mixing prints, and wearing traditionally feminine or masculine items. But I kind of feel like, as you say, gender neutral or non conforming fashion tends towards a specific looking way and that that’s the idea people have of it in general? And I suppose ppl equate it with the essences you mentioned because socially it’s seen in that way, maybe. (Idk much about Rita’s system like that, just my observations of ppl)

  2. The interesting thing is that I never grabbed number three despite it looking fine. But it seems like everyone dislikes it so maybe that means it’s time to part ways with it. Thank you so much as always, I appreciate you!

  3. Yea I’m always like if it doesn’t grab me or make me happy then I should toss it (and yet I still manage to horde soooo much stuff 😂). Maybe shirt number 3 needs a new home now. Anytime at all luv! Thank youuu I appreciate you too ❤️

  4. Do not feel bad! I do the exact same thing! That’s why I decided to ask this group, and everyone has been very honest and in agreement, so I’m going to take all of your advice. On a separate note just have to say so excited for you to be exploring, dramatic classic! I’m going to need you to share with me your realization about not needing curve accommodation! I’m so excited to hear! 💗💗

  5. It’s kind of crazy honestly! I always say “I’m gonna use it later” and then never do 🤣. I’m glad the group could be helpful in the end tho! Oh yes! I am still unsure if I need it or not but I thought I’d start with dramatic classic first 😆. I still question myself though since most people see me as a soft natural but idk if that’s because I’m overweight and I look soft or if it’s an actual thing. But yes! I’ll let you know what I discover/have discovered soon✨

  6. Is that because it tends to form around your shoulder line?

  7. Yea I think because it’s not a heavy weight fabric it doesn’t look bulky or anything but looking at it, it’s not on my shoulder line. This is it actually

  8. I mean Im an animator and I still don’t see myself objectively so I have to disagree there(just from my own experience). It’s easier to see other ppl objectively and I just think that’s a human experience thing and not a Kibbe thing.

  9. I definitely agree with your first point. I guess since I’m an artist too I think it’s easier for me to see others objectively based on the same reasons you mentioned (sometimes I just don’t even realise other ppl aren’t always artists). After thinking about it some more I do agree that if you have some art background then it is a lot easier to see yourself in a more geometric way. Because you have learned shape language basically. That’s like one of the first things I remember learning: line and shape.

  10. I like the one on the right but I kind of feel like the one on the left can still work. Maybe with a long cardigan or something over it to match the trousers🤔

  11. Funny enough I had paired the look with a long black overcoat. But when I was looking at the photos, I truly felt the left look left me looking more elongated despite the color contrast. I think the transition of textures in the right look created segments in my vertical line. Thank you for weighing in my friend!

  12. Oh! I thought it might do that! And anytime luv 💕 I love to help!

  13. I love this look! It’s very powerful looking. Also love that your inspo is Galadriel ❤️!!! I always think it’s so cool to see someone pull inspiration from art or literature etc, whether that be a colour scheme or a vibe or something and create something unique to themselves

  14. Try a hardware store! Possibly in automotive. Idk where my husband found mine but I know it was probably less then 20$

  15. I will! Hopefully I can find something similar at least. I live in Japan so some things are harder to find sometimes

  16. Ok I’m not so good at the Kitchener stuff but I think for colour you look soft and muted…maybe slightly deep (you look pretty cool in black). I’m not sure which season that is if it’s soft autumn or summer but (please correct me if I’m wrong…I’m an illustrator so I’m just thinking through that lens) maybe you can borrow from each? I think the super bright colours can be a bit too much, but the muted ones look perfect

  17. Thanks so much for your feedback and the compliment!! 😊 What you’ve said is all pretty consistent with what other people have said so that’s super useful

  18. The length is fine but the fit is off. It looks too big for you? When you take it in at the back in the second photo it looks better. I think it’s nicer with the blouse as well. It looks more complete. And maybe those shoes don’t really work. You can do maybe a vintage Oxford with a slight heel for a similar feel but will look nicer and keeps a nicer vertical to go with the outfit. Hopefully something in a colour that matches the blouse or the dress better. Or you can go with the shoes you have and match your accessories to it like a belt or handbag or even something you put in your hair or earrings. I feel like those are really the things missing to complete this outfit but otherwise it’s a really good base

  19. Amazing! Thanks for writing about the experience! It was a lot of fun to participate haha. I’m kind of surprised that I came so close for Indil! Reading this now I can totally see Revan’s blend as well lol. I do think he could rock the heck out of velvet!

  20. It is crazy how many of my fabrics are velvet in the book he gave. I just roll around in texture lol

  21. I could see you swap out the dark magenta jacket in the first photo you posted with a similar coloured velvet jacket and it would still be amazing!

  22. 😮!!?!?! I was right?? Ohhhh wow you know I never would have guessed Ingenue. Cool to get 3/4 though lol!

  23. Yea! Wow 😮! Maybe I should go get trained by Kitchener haha!

  24. I’ve watched some of her videos but she definitely doesn’t understand colour theory and uses terms incorrectly from what I remember. Idk what she’s saying in regards to Kibbe tho but for the petite and vertical thing, I think you can have petite & vertical & curve as accommodations existing together, it just might not be a lot of vertical I guess

  25. Yeah I know that can happen with SG, but why TR? Isn’t the point of TR looking and being short and small all over

  26. I dunno if it’s specific to any ID since Kibbe has said accommodation =/= ID, BUT either way, TRs are only supposed to have a very slight amount of yang which I’ve heard shows up as narrowness and not vertical…although idk you never know 🤷🏾‍♀️

  27. Ok! Sooo I don’t really understand soooo much still lmao (I’m at work so I can’t really devote time atm) but I think I’ll try anyway and say Gamine Natural Classic Romantic in that order?

  28. Ooooo this is so cool! I love seeing ppl do fairy grunge! I’m looking forward to seeing the others ❤️

  29. If this isn’t Spitfire Chic made manifest, I don’t know what is! How iconic!

  30. So true! Also her eyes are so striking. I feel like they’re staring into my soul. Maybe that’s a part of that spitfire energy

  31. They are piercing for sure! I feel that is the epitome of the yang essence in her.

  32. I am super inspired by Grace and she is one of my style icons, so I am so happy to hear you also saw the connection!

  33. I can see why you might have that impression based on his online presence (or lack thereof) but that was not my experience at all. I found him to be gentle, mild-mannered, and mainly interested in the “big picture” aspects of an HTT. I had the impression that he was bewildered and even overwhelmed by the way his work randomly went viral. He seemed perfectly content doing makeup and picking out outfits.

  34. I’m in SK and I definitely get that impression of him being highly creative (and maybe a little all over the place to other ppl) because I’m quite similar as well. It’s sometimes surprising to me to hear that ppl have this negative view of him as a person when he never really portrays himself that way

  35. Is that true? Because I haven’t read that anywhere but when people complain about it here lol can you link what you’re referencing?

  36. Lol it’s not true. He’s not going to necessarily recommend something like this to a client unless this is what the client wants (the impression I get from watching one of his talks and my time in SK). But this definitely does honour vertical so it follows that it works for someone with a dominant vertical

  37. Yes! Look at the above comment with the links to Gwendolyn Christie’s looks! They are beautiful and ornate versions of Margot’s looks.

  38. Its amazing that she can wear so many layers and not look like she’s drowning or suffocating in fabric to me. And this look is incredibly bold as well to me. Not really something I would wear personally but I do think she looks pretty cool 😎

  39. Because how are you supposed to dress if you don’t know what brand of toxic masculinity is right for you?

  40. “Tom Cruise in everything” is literally sending me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  41. These are all such amazing looks. You really came into your own in the last half of the year and I think your style has greatly improved. Keep flourishing 💕!

  42. Aww thank you!! That means a lot to me coming from you! I can’t wait to see how we (you and I) continue to evolve in 2023! 💗

  43. I’m looking forward to see what great things we both do this year too ❤️!!

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