1. I'm sure you complained about Trump being an imbecile every day of his presidency, right? Because it cannot be just about politics...

  2. Who did he scam? This video is my first time ever seeing him. Thanks!

  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Veritas

  4. You probably will get approved, but your credit issues will reflect on the rate, get ready for it to be over 10%.

  5. Decided to check FOX news website as of now, multiple stories about Trans people, main story about Media "smearing" prayer as a reaction to students being gunned down at Christian school.

  6. The one time I was forced to watch Fox News they had a news story about Disney canceling Zip-a-di-do-da.

  7. I think Lizzo is a great artist, but she is no Mozart, is that a controversial take?

  8. Calm down and stop being a dick or you will be banned.

  9. I'm banned from there, can anybody please post it there and link it? I really want to read the comments.

  10. You did fine. The peace of mind is definitely worth it, it's a great car, and it looks like the price is more than fair.

  11. 50% of appointments don't show up. You can't plan for people taking up 6 hours of your time. If everybody is busy - what can they do? They can't hire people omfor the off chance that they might get overrun on a weekday.

  12. I've seen people get to GM position from service side.

  13. 2023 is the same price on paper. In reality you might have to wait for a year or pay a huge markup.

  14. All dealers want to "take back" all cars. Don't expect much goodwill just because your car is messed up.

  15. Definitely not expecting goodwill. Just trying to minimize damage here and know what to expect/look out for. They have a limited warranty on all their used cars for 6 months. I don’t think they really want to to take this car back tho— no one knows seems to know how to fix it. What do you suggest?

  16. I suggest using the warranty to the max. Trading the car will put you deeper into a financial hole.

  17. These are satire correct? I've seen these two a lot lately, has to be satire.

  18. It's difficult to honor invisible discounts.

  19. You are missing the fact that there are no cars, cars that are available are probably marked up, and even without mark-up, it's at dealer discretion whether to participate in the offer or not.

  20. Agreed.Especially the companies linked or finance by China state fund. We should chk PAG ,Blackrock etc., they stole us pension fund.Oh it is sad and terrible for the senior retirement fund

  21. The social media and mainstream media are all control by the CCP behind. Look at the high-profile cases like Mr. Miles Guo get charge by DOJ with false allegation. Shame on the USA legal system #milesguo

  22. Definitely make an appointment. You will make sure the car you want to see is there, and you will be taken more seriously.

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