1. Im really new to reddit i don’t know how to link a photo and sounds like you need an account and a bunch of jibble jabble that shouldn’t need to be necessary to update a post

  2. Wasn’t trying to troll dude is just a complete control freak over a post. I made a new post with photos of the moc i am looking for instructions for and went to delete the old one and start getting threats of being banned. This is literally the only time i have tried to post in this stupid group. Banned over a repost??? (i was deleting the first post and it had only been 2 hours since first one was posted i don’t consider it a repost just an update)

  3. Trying for the first time today, can’t remember what i grabbed 😂😂

  4. The colosseum was out of stock and its back.. good possibility it could be available again

  5. I have been seeing mocs on lego ideas and few other places, but no instructions! I really want to build and display it as well!

  6. There are people in this world that get pleasure from fucking with people.. seems like this is one of those scenarios

  7. Even though its not official i love clear lego pieces. would be dope to have in multiple colors lol

  8. Dope do some more and make it into a theme

  9. Columbia Care in Dayton took all concentrates off their list last night right when they closed. Offering 20% off everything today but I guess they didn't wanna give the deal out on that stuff. Pretty shady

  10. I got concentrates today 🤷‍♂️

  11. Yeah, they went back up around 3 or 4pm today. Atleast that's when I looked again. Until then they had only 7 RSOs listed.

  12. 😂😂 the lemon strains are so close, i read it wrong the other day with my high ass. 😂😂😂😅😅😅

  13. Transdermal patches or rub from muv would be a good place to start

  14. Have you had personal experience with the rubs? I really think something like that would be a good option for him but they are rather expensive if they work no better than bengay or something

  15. Patches are good if you can smoke a lil with it or use an edible but thats going to be hard for a lil bit considering he hasn’t smoked in so long. I’ve always had good luck with the transdermal rub because you can use bigger doses and i think its not as slow releasing as the patches are

  16. When i first started using it i would wait 30-hour just to see how many pumps i would need. From there you can rub in a pump and wait for it to dry and put on the next pump. I know 3-4 pumps sounds like a lot, but One pump is like coin sized (half asleep writing this sorry if its fuzzy)

  17. There's nothing wrong with my stock slides so... no.

  18. I didn’t get the 43x mos. It was hard to find firearms last year. i decided to get an aftermarket slide that has an optic plate so that i can carry a holosun. As well as a threaded barrel for when i apply for my can. I didn’t really want to get the oem slide milled because i wanted better serrations as well.

  19. Ive used Zaffiri slides for years. No problems

  20. I actually really liked the redhead brand. I get their stretchy jeans and cargo shorts. I got a bunch of the shorts for $20 a piece and for that price they're great, but I'm definitely looking at getting some nicer clothes now that I have my ccw dialed in

  21. I was checking out the $20 shorts today as well they aren’t bad a little thinner than the pants! I just went with the more comfortable option for my preference!

  22. Yeah I bought a bunch of em while I was experimenting with my CCW, trying to figure out what kind of clothes I could get away with the guns I ccw, now that I got that settled it's time to get real clothes lol

  23. Just a heads up they are enduro loose fit underarmour pants if you decide to go and check em out

  24. Haven’t played either tbh.. been on ghostwire and vangaurd here recently lol

  25. Ok I see now. I had failures with s15 mags as well. The idea was great just poor execution. I switched back to OEM as well.

  26. Oem for me as well big waste of $$$ on the s15’s lol

  27. These both don’t use pesticides. And galenas is fully OMRI organic as well.

  28. I have had rso from michigan a few times and i took the full syringes, everytime, barely did anything to me. I’m curious about the strain derived rso though maybe it hits better. The syringes i have had were from cannalicious and around 85-88% on the box.

  29. 47tx says:

    You had enough time to comment on it saying it was fake I figured you cared a lil. Have a good day

  30. Just thought it was hilarious. You’re assumption doesn’t reflect my decisions. 💙💜 i don’t have time to argue about a bag being fake or not. If you know its real then why get mad? Lol. Again, hope you have a good day.

  31. 47tx says:

    Not mad bud. Replied to your comment and you insisted it was fake, but you dont have the time right? Get off reddit pal.

  32. I have had the game on my wishlist for a while but its showing $30 not ‘add to library’

  33. I love this strain but firelands flower is always too dry.. i love the rosin though lol! I’ve been wanting to try the new luster pods i haven’t had salty watermelon in a cart before. One of my fav for pain relief and ptsd symptoms

  34. I have a holosun 507 k i haven’t put on my glock 43x yet. Waiting on custom slide to get here from zaffiri.

  35. Transdermals will show on drug test.. standard topicals wont from what i have read before.

  36. Ahhh, gotcha, that helps me understand your perspective a little more. I just don’t think for the vast majority it’s the way to go. Most will not ever disassemble their firearms further than a field strip. So for most I’d recommend getting the best thing they can currently afford, that includes ammo for practice, then train for common failures. Like that red dot failing.

  37. My opinion only reflects my personal opinion i don’t hate on people for doing what they want!

  38. Yes, most people don’t care about those kind of things. So i can definitely understand going for the 920. Its a really nice handgun, i have been looking at the subcompact recently. I want to learn everything i can. Average user wants how to shoot, malfunctions, reliability. Definitely all about personal preference ! At the end of the day everyone has something they like and anyone at a gun store will tell you shoot what your comfortable with. Im not super bias. I try to understand both perspectives

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