1. Huh hot pissed off that i was using snipers and lmgs for damascus grind and was making long-range shots with them, because I’m good at sniping long range.

  2. Well if you want to get damascus it would be easier to spend them all to level up all guns.

  3. Pretty much yes cause i dont think there is any scoreboard market points anywhere in the game

  4. I wanted to use an FHJ on one that was halfway across the map, but somehow by the time I moved to pick up the FHJ (literally outside of the warehouse I was in), he was right behind me.

  5. Play endless 30+ you may want to reconsider

  6. I’ve never been able to get that far, I’ve always been carrying my team the times I have done it

  7. Wow, pity that this discovery was already known since the beginning of season 9

  8. Use arctic or another semi for hardscoping

  9. Even better, start with a marksmen, they do close to the same damage close range and are quicker in my opinion.

  10. A lot of non meta weapons is still good. Mastering the basics, aim and gamesense will win more games than just jumping into the meta when it changes.

  11. Exactly, I personally use the rpd for normal matches and a short range attachement kilo for close range matches, when I’m not grinding Damascus

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