1. Is it still Playing? i was under the impression they put a sing along in there. I saw the movie a few years ago while it was raining I ducked in and thought it was great not many people in there at the time as a bonus Belle was in there because of the rain so I got a meet and greet without a wait.

  2. I love that movie. Is it on Disney+? If not, then it should.

  3. Funny has the same kits and display in Florida epcot Japan

  4. Walmart systems allow scan and weigh. Hy-Vee hasn't enabled or programmed that upc function yet.

  5. Hyvee needs some better programmers. Oh wait they laid off an entire IT dept.

  6. I got a Gundam tattoo and I’ve seen a good amount. But Gundam is also one of my lifelong fixations 😂

  7. Bebop is mine (Cowboy Bebop) Gojo is my dad’s (Jujitsu Kaisen) Kimchi is my moms (a drag queen)

  8. I’ll allow it. Although Dunkirk being that last movie that made me genuinely cry (I’m autistic so it takes a lot to genuinely cry at something) that definitely deserves to be higher up for that reason.

  9. Occasionally, I will sort of fixate on a cute celebrity. Right now it’s Robert Pattinson and Ben Barnes. Typical girl behavior but I have to watch every movie RPatz is in and follow all the Instagram tags and save all the hot photos.

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