1. I get attendance is important, but gaht dayum. Screw this bitch

  2. They really need to evaluate us by locations per hour, not stops per hour

  3. It's worse for the big apartments like the one we have in a nearby city. It be like, "Oh hey, here's 11 packages with 11 different apartment numbers, but it's grouped so only counts as one stop!... make sure you hit at least 20 stops an hour tho"

  4. There's too many variables for a solid answer. Tone? Age difference? Level of attraction? It all makes a difference

  5. 16 stops in 3 hours is pretty fucking bad to be honest with you. DSP will most certainly be asking you what’s up later.

  6. They did not seem too upset about it luckily. If only I knew the great protip of calling the actual apartment to see if they have a mail room or something to leave the packages at that probably would have saved me 50% of my time lol

  7. That’s WILD your allowed to leave in mailrooms. My DSP says you must deliver to door or your home

  8. So how do you handle huge apartments with multiple packages? That's what screwed me up today. I feel like even if I knew the city like the back of my hand it wouldn't help

  9. Me personally, I'll deliver all of the huge overflow packages first if it's giving me too much grief. I'll also separate the overflow by city if I'm going multiple places, that way I know overflow for town X is last and should just hang out in the back of the van

  10. I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but the first three star wars movies were a drag to watch. It didn't have all the high budget special effects and other things Lucas could afford after making it big so it was just... meh

  11. That's not bad though. It's the overflow that fucks me up

  12. $20 worth of food, yes. I don't think a $20 bill is gonna help them

  13. The guy who trained me showed me this "trick" he uses to skip his lunch break. It basically involves taking your break wherever there is a 30 minute drive to your next stop. He even did it in the morning by marking the 1st package of the day as "missing" so we could be burning that break time while gasing up or on the way to the first stop lmao, dude was hella cool though so I didn't complain

  14. My advice would be to do what others do if your dsp is chill and only run it for a few hours and then end it early so you don’t run into that issue

  15. This was the netradyne camera. How do I only run it for a few hours?

  16. Dude, today I went way up into the mountains to deliver a package to this fucking asshat. We're talking 40 minutes from the nearest town. I punch in the code to his gate and not even a minute after driving down his driveway there are five fucking dogs easily twice my size running for my van. I pulled right alongside his concrete patio area by his front door and drop his three packages out of my driver window.

  17. It was my first day alone on a Nursery route so don't judge... to be fair it was out in the boonies and I did an extra 17 stops via rescue, but...

  18. So how many drivers we gonna need for this DSP?

  19. This happens a lot for some reason with the warehouse in Orland. Never dings me or anything so I wouldn't worry

  20. At least it wasn't one numerial like XVZ or some shit lmao

  21. How to you move around in the van!? 🤔 My 1st day ride along is tomorrow

  22. Luckily 42 of the Overflows went to one place so I just went to that stop first and it cleared out that whole middle section and a lot of space up top

  23. I might have to employ that strategy myself, damn. Do all the stops with a bunch of packages going to one address lmao

  24. See any really cool books come in your store? All my local goodwills have a terrible selection

  25. sometimes, yes! i bought a really cool book (at least i thought) called “100 most infamous criminals” because i’m into true crime. i’ve gotten several art history books because i’m about to graduate to be an art teacher. but majority of the time the selection is like the almost “off-brand” authors is how i can describe it?

  26. Yeah my local goodwill only had a few good Stephen King books and maybe a couple from the Halo franchise all the way all the other ones I never even heard of, and mostly seem to be cookbooks or other boring non-fiction

  27. So how does this impact your daily life? Are you afraid of going outside at night and looking at the night sky?

  28. Ok so it's weird, because I love space as a nerd, but if I look at the sky I can get anxious and feel vertigo. Weirdly enough it happens more when it's daytime and there's a clear sky. But in a city where I can't see the stars it can also happen. Although the real fear is about being out there in the middle of nowhere, which can trigger if I think about earth being in the middle of nowhere, and I'm getting a little dizzy thinking about it.

  29. Hmm, that's interesting. I wonder if I have a similar phobia, because growing up as a kid I was TERRIFIED of anything that didn't have a low ceiling. When I walked into a building with a high atrium style roof, my gut would sink and I'd want to leave immediately. Being outside wasn't as bad, but I'd get an uneasy feeling if I laid down and looked straight up be it day or night.

  30. Out of the millions of packages being processed every day in this state alone, I expect you to deliver mine FIRST because my time is more important and precious than everyone elses

  31. No, no no no. I'm just a flex driver and all too often an "envelope" is a box. Nah fam

  32. I haven't started yet, first day is Saturday. What is FICO/Mentor score? Just a safe driving record or like...?

  33. It’s an app you have to log into daily that tracks certain aspects of ur driving like acceleration, hard braking & phone distractions ON TOP OF the netrodyne cameras

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