1. https://www.cbsnews.com/sanfrancisco/news/dan-odowd-senate-campaign-targeting-teslas-self-driving-cars/

  2. That’s insane!!! This company is creating amazing products and it’s only been about 10 years and there’s so much hate I can’t understand why!

  3. Just in time cuz mega alakazam should be coming soon too

  4. But it’s true… people posting on here they not nothing because they barely walked. I walked around my park I caught 20 and some I didn’t bother with so it’s not broken just your legs are

  5. Lmfao I literally said the same thing to myself

  6. Rhyperior is good to have I have like 5 of them 3000+CP

  7. Yeah it’s been mentioned like 50 times already here lol

  8. Good thing he evolves within like the first minute haha

  9. No bro I'm not jailbroken, I wait for jailbreak release

  10. We’re you jail broken before? If so there’s your problem

  11. On my iPhone 11. but before I was doing my backup, I've deleted everything jailbreak related + restored rootfs etc.

  12. You’d be surprised the small files that stay. If you really wanted to try it. Back up your phone. Wipe it out. Start it fresh. Download Pokémon go and it will most likely work. Then you can sign into iCloud and get pictures and messages and such back as well

  13. If I reboot my game I can buy raid passes + do remote raids , and then after 15mins it locks me out... but then I reboot again and am able to do it again so idk.

  14. That’s because it’s Niantic and a big event! Which means bug central. If you think after 6 years and billions of dollars if they could figure it out you’re funny 😂😂

  15. That’s exactly why I want the subscription! Plus it doesn’t carry over to your next car. I won’t have this one long enough I’m gona sell it and get a new one once the miles get up

  16. That was my main piece. I plan on keeping it 50-75k miles. So about 3 years for me and order my new one. Makes no sense.

  17. Exactly! The math doesn’t add up for me so i’d rather do a sub for it but maybe one day it will come!

  18. That cat is beautiful! Happy you have her back!

  19. Did jailbreak, i works like 10% of the time, if I sit there and click that app like 50 times I’ll get it to open and work

  20. You might have to google that I have no idea. I just read about it crashing on phones that were jailbroken. Mine was jail broke years ago and I’m still using the same back up from all these years I don’t have a problem but I don’t know what the actual cause is

  21. So they told me I’m not allowed to have one because if they approve mine then other people may start to ask for their own……….. I said are you actually fucking kidding me??

  22. That bill has passed the assembly and the senate but it has not yet been delivered to or signed by the governor. Therefore, it is not yet law. You need to wait for it to become law before doing anything.

  23. Save it! You might be able to evolve it into his new form at the end of the month event!

  24. Thanks for the advice, I completely forgot about Scyther’s new evolution

  25. Or is it his old…..? Haha yes! I’m excited like crazy for this one! I want my growlithe and if they release the new starters form ohhh man

  26. I never realized people actually use Siri

  27. Lmao but me and her have a great relationship. That’s the difference ;) 😂

  28. The biggest thing that scares me about owning one of these cars is this specifically and the way the price has gone up. So you mean to tell me I spent X amount on the car and now because someone destroyed my car I now would have to wait and also pay maybe 10k more for a new one? I would cry! I would fight their insurance to pay the difference out because this is my damn dream car lol

  29. You can add something onto your insurance for new car replacement assistance that will give you 20% over the appraised value in the event your car is totaled. It only adds a few dollars a month. Not every insurance company offers it.

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