1. Still, did the box today but no shiny or shundo or even close to a hundo. Best I got was a 82… Have some fun with that!

  2. Prep it for the mega, max it and then walk another

  3. Just catch everything that moves, had to do that for a couple of days and got one this morning

  4. I’ve missed a few opportunities but I’ve still done the majority of them. No shiny for me.

  5. Team Instinct was outnumbered where I’m from so had to level the playing field 🤷‍♂️

  6. We feel you pain, 0 for 13 here but out of remote raid passes sadly. Need me some Groudon soon, that’s all the effort I’m gonna put in this one

  7. If possible please add me as well! When available I will join 👍

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