When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. Speaking from experience with multiple interactions of both, the ones from psychedelics are infinitely more meaningful and certainly more preferable.

  2. This game has always looked like a total piece of shit.

  3. Fucking Dark Eternal Night is the jam that I keep telling myself I’ll get through.

  4. I’ve started, everyday, setting a metronome to 100-120 depending on if my stupid feet are cooperating that day, and doing runs of 4x4, 8x4, 16x4 over and over for 30 minutes.

  5. I really appreciate your acknowledgement. There is depth like no other in Deadwood. Deciphering what the fuck they are even saying is one thing, but the amount of conclusions the writers let you draw is almost, almost, irresponsible.

  6. Al is a fucking business leviathan for all the points you’ve made and I’ll add one more that I think is of utmost importance.

  7. Now they just need to figure out how to convince a bear to put one on...

  8. (Secures final clasp of Bear Helmet on Bear)

  9. It’s neat how you can just saying anything and it’s accepted as the truth almost immediately with downright refusal to double check.

  10. Everyone knows Criss-Cross-Applesauce is an attack position.

  11. Hi there. Just wanted to tell you, I upvoted this comment before we had an extended convo tonight about your post.

  12. Oh you don’t have to worry about that, I appreciate all the thanks. I seriously watch the whole show about 4-6 times a year at this point.

  13. Look no further than Season 1. Episode 3.

  14. Am I fucking crazy or was the dude who won biting the other guys fucking head at the end?

  15. So funny! And could you explain the Bechdel test to me, if you please?

  16. I’m so glad you asked and I’d love to. The Bechdel Test is basically taking a look at any form of entertainment, though mostly it’s used in movies, shows and sometimes books, and seeing if two or more named (that part is important) female characters have a conversation longer than three sentence between each other, without talking about a man.

  17. You're right to assume that. I am a guy and, during that particular line of thinking, some twelve years ago, I was all but blind to the plights and infractions of women in general. A mistake of youth.

  18. During the Colorado mission, in the main house on the second floor, there are two soldiers actually playing that game.

  19. Weirdly enough, this image is the art for Kane & Lynch 2, but the logo clearly says Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, which would be the first one. So either way you're right, but I'm pretty sure it's K&L2 specifically on the TV.

  20. All of that beating and none of them could knock him out? Pussies being weak pussies.

  21. There’s a dozen of them coming from every angle, it’s almost impossible to not knock someone out with those odds.

  22. I laughed at the way he casually punches the dude on his knees lol.

  23. Anyone who bad mouths WFH is a non-person. Their ideas simply mean nothing.

  24. Just make sure to give us absolutely no power to make any of the business decisions while holding us completely responsible for the entire business.

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