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  1. You absolutely are not required to provide the post dated cheques, but many landlords prefer them because they can then just deposit them every month and not worry about you remembering to e-transfer the rent every 1st of the month. That said it’s possible that in a competitive market, landlords will prefer an applicant willing to provide the post dated cheques.

  2. Ok, thanks for that, I appreciate it. I did have a quick follow up question. Can the landlord cash these cheques in advance? Cause I’ve heard if they do and I don’t have the funds in the account, I get fined. That doesn’t seem fair since, the cheque was for a month later.

  3. They technically can attempt to deposit the cheque but your bank will refuse payment, and you will not have to pay an NSF fee (or will have no trouble getting it refunded). In fact even if you have enough funds in the account, your bank must refuse payment before the date on the cheque. That’s the whole point of dates on cheques - you’re expected to have enough funds on and after that date, but not before

  4. Did you apply to graduate already?

  5. It’s because you were charged the biweekly rate plus a couple days.

  6. Damn bro. Came from TikTok. I need this in a Canadian Version… Lots of good information on this

  7. I understand the savings of working from home but I just graduated I wanna experience the office life. Last 2 years of uni I was stuck at home too.

  8. Once you link your account on ETK, make sure to fully log out of the app and website. You may need to reinstall the app and/or delete your cookies in your browser for it to go through. After that it will prompt you for you employee ID when you log in and employee prices will show when you add items to the cart.

  9. Hey how do you link your account on the ETK. I’m in Best Buy Canada if that makes a difference

  10. I can make a group chat on WhatsApp for anyone who wants to join just send a DM to me

  11. Next time, just email the instructors instead of coming to reddit. Their contacts should be in e class, you can message them directly there, or use the forums, or by their emails.

  12. Yea. I emailed the prof 3 times before coming to Reddit lol. But yea everything went great 👍

  13. Did you just assume you can get a job at established company?

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