1. I'd argue a large majority of Democrats are fine risking gun rights to fight against Trump. Plus, they have taken up the opposite end of the spectrum from guns due to mass shootings and the insane gun deaths per capita in this country.

  2. Yea, I'm not there yet. To each his own. I would like to figure out a way to prevent the widespread violence before it comes to... Well, widespread violence. To do that, you try all other means first. I haven't lost faith we can prevent it through voting, even if you have. That's all I'm gonna say to your post. Stay safe and prepared :)

  3. Maybe they will after they get smoked in the midterms. Guns have a special way of changing the way people vote. Gun owners may not all consciously realize this, but fighting for gun rights is fighting for civil rights. Gun control is oppression. It’s not just taking away peoples toys.

  4. Overturn of Roe seems to have done the opposite. There is a welling of support for Dems due to this decision. Hopefully they will keep/take the government but then get enough backlash they won't move on guns. It's a damned if we do, damned if we don't midterms.

  5. Kurama from Naruto. It shouldn't have hit me as hard as it did, but it did.

  6. If one person owns 50 guns and 1000 rounds, they're only as dangerous as a person who owns 1 gun and 1000 rounds.

  7. Yea, no. While there are people with fairly large collections, the reality is that 72% of Americans own at least one gun. Thanks to the ridiculous right and their actions of the last decade or so, democrats and minorities ownership is on the ride as well. I'd be willing to bet it approaches 80% by 2030 at this rate, if nothing changes.

  8. I think it funny you think the “right” is responsible for first time gun ownership in minority’s and Dems. You are out of touch with reality. I don’t know if it’s because of the media you watch or what you have been taught from liberal teachers.

  9. I think it's funny you assume I watch media and have liberal teachers. I grew up in rural America, worked a dairy farm as my first job, and had a very NOT liberal education in private Christian school and eventually country high school.

  10. Only if we are allowed to wear those Hulk Fists that make smashing noises when you hit stuff.

  11. I see your hulk smash fists and raise you those wookie masks that yell when you open your mouth.

  12. Not to mention anyone who saw that 1 INT knows it was 100% not on Hurts.

  13. This. If memory serves me correct Gainwell was in a weird body position and when he put his hands up it just popped the ball up more. Completely catchabke ball though. Without that INT his game stats would have been truly insane.

  14. Corral. Not super busy any more but every question you have will have been answered fifty times already

  15. For sn95s it used to be stangnet, but not sure anymore honestly even though FB groups suck compared to forums, many of them have good resources

  16. Polls and forecasts don't mean shit. Get out the vote, and make sure you tell all your friends to do the same.

  17. So much this. Thanks to 16, anytime I see a candidate I like forecasted to win, I assume people will become lax and not show up to vote, letting a walking con man win the election. In this case, that statement applies easily to Trump and Oz.

  18. Is it still cutting the track if you’re not touching the track?

  19. I zoomed in to see if this was a real life photo. It isn't, so that is awesome.

  20. Buddy working finance for a large dealership network has spilled the beans that their chain is under the impression that vehicle manufacturers are creating an artifical market from the COVID supply chain shortage. They will purposely keep lots low on stock to create an artificial reason to increase prices.

  21. Remember dealers are paying whatever form of invoice - manufacturers do not get more money for a unit just because the dealers have low inventory out.

  22. True. I know Ford corporwtion was pissed at the Maverick and Bronco markups. Still, I could very well see them figure out how to make money on it even if they somehow make it affect the stock market positively for their shares. I'm not nearly smart enough to figure out if they can, so I guess I'll leave it at that.

  23. I throught this sub hated anyone who banned or recalled books. Freeeeedddooommm

  24. The recall was by the publisher. It's like recalling e coli infected lettuce. No local government or board of education banned it. Recalls happen ALL THE TIME for simple monotonous things, or for mistakes thay could lead to legal trouble. This is not even in the same universe as a ban.

  25. Nothing better than a suppressed bolt action, and the Steyr Scout is an impressive rifle. Meet you on B-side, scopes only 🎯 - Chase

  26. Who is they? Why can’t we make our own educated decisions anymore without blaming someone else?

  27. It might be just a joke? I read it in a joking manner because I've said stuff like 'buy a Subaru they said... It'll last forever they say... Until rod knock comes a calling!' as a sarcastic joke.

  28. So much this. I got vaccinated, but I'm not particularly healthy. Every time I got sick I tested to be sure. For the first half of the pandemic I was even a hardware tech for a large health network, so I was going in and out of practices and patients rooms, often times through patient lobbies. How I did not get it is insanely beyond me.

  29. Make sure you get one that doesn't turn off after 30seconds lol, mum got one and it's shit (just a small cheapie for cleaning jewellery but it's annoying running it 10 times in a row)

  30. Yea, the smallest ones can be a pain. I'm think either a 15 or 30 liter model for parts and hardware cleanup. I do my own maintenance and also like restoring things.

  31. Imagine being exactly the type of person the comment was about and chiming in anyway.

  32. Sweet baby Jesus, this. So much this. A purposeful disregard for the merit of the other side of an argument is exactly the type of mentality that leads to so much misunderstanding, anger, and polarization. It's how the GOP operates, they decide how they feel on a topic, then disregard anything they don't agree with on the topic, regardless of merit. We should want to discourage this type of thinking in our own community. You can understand the merits of an argument but still respectfully disagree with it.

  33. I too double-bag it. Tinnitus is no joke.

  34. As someone who earned permanent ear damage in the form of tinnitus from not wearing ear protection at a redneck style gun shoot, I can concur. 98% of the time I can ignore it, but that 2% can be so irritating.

  35. Just once you shot without protection, or many times?

  36. It happened before I owned any of my own firearms, so more than likely it was one of the very first times I was at a shooting event. I honestly can't say it was my very first, but I also can't remember any previous times I was at any sort of firing range. It was about 20 years ago. I remember the gun firing, my ears instantly hurt and rang, and I have had tinnitus ever since. I've been around other loud things that could have contributed, but that is the single most memorable event, and I still remember the pain and intense ringing from that gun firing as if it happened yesterday.

  37. I loathe what this city has become. I've lived here for 62 years. Its not safe to go to most sections, even the few safer sections are getting bad, we have a far left DA who lets criminals run amok, a lousy mayor who is just as bad, a beverage tax, the list goes on. My kids already moved to the suburbs but we can't afford to live there due to the property taxes. We exist here but don't live here.

  38. I find it interesting, I hear this sentiment from many older Americans. However, in most cases, the crime rates have fallen steadily or stayed consistent year over year, sometimes for decades. This excludes the Covid years. My in-laws are convinced every city is way more dangerous from when they used to visit and live in them as younger adults. Yet we can demonstrate this to be false through reported statistics.

  39. I live in suburban PA and my High school farmers sons did tractors one day every year. Was interesting. About 20 tractors of varying ages and sizes in the back of the lot.

  40. New research reveals private equity firms that acquire physician-owned medical practices appear to be imposing measures to squeeze out more profits.

  41. I work for a health network that purchases private practices. It's not the same as a private company looking for a quick profit. However, there are drawbacks to even our purchases. A big one is patient load goes up for each provider. It's based on an industry model and adjusted to our needs, but in every single acquisition the patient loads go up across the board. I am not clinical, so I cannot comment to the impact on the providers, but usually more patients in a day leads to less time per patient, and care is generally impacted.

  42. I meant the doctors are the one’s selling their practices to private equity.

  43. I work for a health network that buys private practices and adds them to our own system. From what it was explained to me buy one of our directors, the practice lead provider gets the most benefit at initial purchase. From there, when we implement our standards, the providers will usually get less overall pay but much better benefits. Meaning, their yearly salary is reduced from their previous average, but we take on their risk and they get more PTO and other benefits we pay for. The drawback is they cannot just take extended vacations without notifying us and getting approval. It's a compromise that mostly works well, but we also operate differently than a private firm out for profits.

  44. So I know someone who does this for a living... let me explain what's going on here: The blueberries still being grown is kind of a gimmick/trying to squeeze extra money. If you're able to get a lease deal set up with the power company looking to install solar for 25 years, that land will generate as much revenue each year as a farmer would in their OPTIMAL season. As in, just throwing a solar farm up for the power company, generates as much money as they would in their best years, with ZERO work put into it. It's a no brainer if you're a farmer. You just get to sit back for 25 years making peak profits.

  45. This is true, but it does have potential. Undecided with Matt Ferrel covered this a while ago:

  46. It's a meme to make Biden sound more powerful since he has an image problem with the dementia.

  47. Yea I don't buy that either. Biden is old for sure, and it's no secret 100% healthy people of his age have cognitive decline, but I would wager the imagery is more a way to show Biden striking back.

  48. I don't if there's a specific incident. But it definitely seems like a push to depict him as more with it than he is.

  49. Regarding the Journalism thing, I don't mind people having that standard, but it needs to be a brush used to paint evenly and fairly across the media landscape. I find often those who claim to hold journalists to that standard, only do it for the side they don't like.

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