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  1. It’s ok, literally every content creator on this subreddit has been rejected by the New Yorker at some point. Great comic btw

  2. I did! As another comment pointed out I’m just remastering it so that it’s more in line w my style. Back when I made the original I wasn’t really sure what my “style” was.

  3. Thanks! I’ve generally abandoned the 3 panel structure that the old one used, it doesn’t flow as well and it’s not as eye catching/aesthetically pleasing

  4. God these are all pulled from real ones aren’t they

  5. This reads like a bonehurtingjuice but this is the original comic????

  6. It's the vacant look on his face. You know the whole time she's yelling at him all he can think about is gasoline.

  7. “Did my wife say something? I wonder if there’s any gas in the generator”

  8. These faces are so god damn stupid looking they manage to get a chuckle from me every time.

  9. I was scouting the internet trying to find some solid incel mantras for this comic but this was the best I could come up with, pretty sure it’s from an old viral tweet

  10. I had an 8mm kidney stone 1/1. Spent 3 days in the hospital, 3 procedures with urologist. Been out for almost a month. No insurance.

  11. After you find out where the rest of his family lives, duh.

  12. I once did a loss parody comic and it’s the only comic I ever did that got negative upvotes 🥲

  13. Lmao I saw this comment and tried to train my brain to see them as noses.. didn’t work

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