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  1. F the haters who say it’s a dead game. I’ve never had issues finding a match

  2. Audiobook hack. If you have a library card, Download Libby app and you can borrow audiobooks directly from your phone.

  3. Is this rolling out gradually? Ive only seen 1 streamer so far with the option to submit feedback for

  4. Going to jury duty in 45 minutes and I’m planning to do just that!

  5. Keep in mind it can be a tool for true justice. It might be worth keeping quiet if you habe any inkling about the case.

  6. Next time I’ll be happy to serve, I’ll get paid PTO, I just haven’t earned that benefit at work yet….. also, they summoned so many jurors, the line was wrapped around the building. They just sent us all home

  7. Getting flashbacks to the story last week about surgeons finding a random screw in Kurt Angles knee... Goodness me.

  8. It happens….I had cranial surgery as an infant. A year after the surgery, I started complaining about my head hurting. Turns out the doctor left a fucking clip in my head, and had to cut my head open again to remove it

  9. Last time I accepted unsealed water from a customer, I got thrush. YMMV

  10. I’ve literally seen mice running around while the staff ignore them

  11. The other Taco Bell on Valley Mills. I rolled up 15 minutes before close to get 3 tacos. The intercom cashier introduced herself as "Tacobell". Then after I placed my order she says, "ma'am we're closed." Lmao.

  12. 15 minutes? I’ve pulled up hours before close several times now and they’ve been closed

  13. Just a heads up, our scanners have GPS mapping built in, you don’t need to use your phone

  14. I’ve recorded The scanner saying 69 and now use it as my text tone

  15. More proof that Twitter especially needs to be removed from existence

  16. How does a post from Instagram count as proof Twitter should be removed from existence?

  17. Yeah and the actor is Austin St. John. Do not assume we have all forgotten the names of heroes!

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