1. At least the old temple films with Michael Ballam and the eye candy Eves were kinda interesting the first couple of times you saw them.

  2. Hold up. Isn't the Twilight author a mormon? Is that why her vampires sparkle???

  3. I think the church intentionally orchestrated the whole Holland/SUU controversy to create an event that the church could spin as cancel culture to the faithful.

  4. I think you're right. If they can claim they're being persecuted, it takes the focus off the $100 billion fraud.

  5. Reading through this comment thread just makes me realize all over again how nutty, conditional, and arbitrary the rules are. It's so culty and gross!

  6. I once worked at a very TBM company behind the Zion curtain and I was still fully in. So it was all TBMs all the time and yet this guy was too much even for us.

  7. Oh my god that makes me so happy. Seeing bad things happen to bad people is great, but when they do it to themselves like that it’s just amazing 😂

  8. God, I'm glad I was in when the wards were still bustling. I would only get asked to speak in church every few years and usually got skipped on callings for having long hair but now god damn I bet these poor sons of bitches in these sparse wards are getting asked to speak every 3 months and have multiple callings.

  9. Anecdotally, YM programs have 20% of the youth show up and are planned a couple days (or hours) before hand. Campouts are rare and there aren't many fun activities.

  10. No campouts? I mean, I hated them because I'm not really a campout kind of person, but they were always the highlight of the year for many.

  11. Nephi cuts off Laban's head, then takes his clothes. Servant of Laban either doesn't notice or doesn't care that his boss showed up in blood-drenched robes.

  12. Do you know if the leaders kept a copy? That would double up the creepiness.

  13. Reminds me of Leah Remini's story about being coerced into signing a 1 billion year slavery contract to Scientology.

  14. Change your profile pic to an upside down pentagram.

  15. Whatever happened to the Lost Sheep push they were doing a few months ago? I haven't heard anything about it for a while.

  16. Tell them about all of the religions — Norse gods, Greek mythology, etc., and explain how some are from the past and people don’t really believe them anymore, and some are still around. Show that they’re all the same: made-up stories to explain things we don’t (or didn’t used to) understand. When kids learn about religions and aren’t indoctrinated into them, they’re much better equipped to resist the fangs and trickery religious people use to draw in new recruits.

  17. My 14 yo is super into Greek mythology right now, which has also springboarded an interest into Norse and Japanese beliefs. It's really fun to watch him discover new ideas.

  18. I think it's a manipulative myth that healthy children benefit from sitting in Sunday School being lectured. They may learn obedience that way, but kids learn morality from watching the people around them react to complicated real life situations.

  19. This one! I have four kids and we were all in until the older two were teenagers. There's a big age gap, so we got out before the younger two remember much about church at all.

  20. I have been to several baby blessings since leaving. I'm not officially off the records, but everyone knows I don't believe anymore. I wear modest clothes and sit with my family. I don't sing the hymns or take the sacrament, and sit quietly during the prayers but I don't bow my head, close my eyes, or say amen.

  21. So true! And if you're not happy, you'd better pretend you are because it's definitely due to your own shortcomings and not our bullshit.

  22. This happens all the time. It happened to us as well, especially since my spouse is the only one still attending. We put a pride flag on the front porch and the visits almost went away... Like a magic intrusion-repelling rainbow

  23. Lol! We did the same thing and it's like we disappeared from their consciousness.

  24. Peeing in bottles and spitting on the floor ... girl, what??? How are you attracted to that?

  25. We used to do an activity for family home evening where my parents would lay out slips of paper printed with everything we valued -- from toys to dishwashers to cars ... all the way to the church. We'd take turns eliminating one thing at a time that we'd be willing to give up until we always got down to family or the church. In the end, everyone would pick the church. That pretty much sums it up.

  26. For an organization that claims to be led by prophets, seers, and revelators, they sure seem to flounder a lot.

  27. There was the most elegant looking, fit blonde woman with a professional career who was on Season 2. I don’t remember her name but she had a new boyfriend and showed him the house for the first time as part of the show. She was so beautiful and well put together that I would never guess she lived like that.

  28. I think it was Kim. The one who had over 200 pairs of shoes and didn't think it was a big deal?

  29. This story is in the Salt Lake Tribune today, but with a positive spin and the comments are something else. I like to think some of you are responsible for the best ones!

  30. Excellent points and kudos for speaking up. Too bad they'll learn nothing from this and you just went from Lazy Learner to Offended in the excuse book.

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