1. LED and LCD pretty much mean the same thing these days.

  2. It is a travesty (aesthetically) already that staff is part of the meta for reaper, in my opinion. Imagine if they accidentally overbuff dagger and it replaces greatsword in the meta, that would be the real horror.

  3. There's multiple staffs that are great on reapers.

  4. If the last few years have taught me anything it’s that businesses don’t care about long term stability. It’s all about monopolizing the market then doing anything and everything from lowering quality, cutting workers, and squeezing consumers to ensure continuous quarter after quarter profit increases.

  5. Ding ding ding. And it’s not retail investors. People hear this and freak out because they own a couple grand of stocks somewhere and think you are blaming them.

  6. They're also fucking themselves, but they have no other option because the system itself is fucked.

  7. Except for the harpoon.. what else is it for? Unless I've missed something

  8. Right. I'm glad they gave it some attention, I just don't think they stuck the landing with the changes, just an opinion. I agree there was no indication they've finished with the improvements. Hoping for more

  9. Never heard of OLOY. I'll have to keep an eye on them. Thanks

  10. They popped up a few years ago with a lot of flashy RAM at suspiciously low prices. A lot of stories about their RAM not getting even close to the advertised speeds and needing to be returned.

  11. That's just how Wifi is sometimes, so there may be nothing you can do.

  12. If I had $48M, I'd still probably keep my job, I'd just work the least number of hours possible.

  13. Show me an animal that can wipe its own ass, you can’t, were better

  14. My roommate's dog wipes her own ass on the grass.

  15. I'd rather have lungs consisting entirely of black mold than live in 25% humidity, what the fuck. Is it not possible to just, get better walls?

  16. it's awful but i'm genderqueer and bisexual and i absolutely love those chicken nuggets as my guilty pleasure

  17. The owners of CFA would slit your throat in public if they thought they could get away from it.

  18. Iron atgeir main- def my problem. Fine bow with fire arrows. Armor is leveled up bronze. Maybe 3 upgrades for each bronze and iron atgeir is level 1.

  19. Once I got an Iron Buckler, I was pretty easily killing them with my abyssal razor and Troll armor.

  20. I think they have way too much HP for when you find them, but they're also way too easy to cheese with a basic iron buckler and/or a fire vent.

  21. Of course, it's always some dude with an anime profile picture referring to it as a onahole

  22. So the dogs here aren't barking because they're angry at each other, but because they're frustrated the fence is keeping them apart.


  24. Everything is still relevant. Even dungeons, that have been abbandoned for years by the developers, are stiil been run all the time.

  25. Everything in the game is still relevant to some degree.

  26. I'm going to put it this way... I live in Alabama, which is far redder than Texas and worse off in pretty much every metric that matters.

  27. I'm curious how when snacking on double stuff oreos people eat that much icing at once without thinking about the pure fat they're eating

  28. What if they abort the anti christ? These Satanist have to think things through.

  29. This is a 100% good thing and wish some US media would undergo this...realization

  30. If you're not publicly funded, then slowing down means everyone will just stop using you and you won't make any money.

  31. Youtube keeps recommending him to kids looking at videogame playthroughs and other 'young male/regular kid' kinds of content. It's sickening and Alphabet/Google absolutely needs to be held responsible and be made to change their algorithm back to recommending 'similar' content instead of the 'clickbaity/rage-inducing content' they've switched to.

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