1. You will feel guilt if you relapse after you acknowledge you addiction and attempt to stop it.

  2. I never felt addicted. I was a late bloomer to the fapping thing so I didn’t get into it until 17. I know most guys start around 13 or younger. On a second note I’ve stopped multiple times but eventually always went back to the hub. If I had any addiction the breaks did help to break it but now it’s like I know I can stop whenever I want. I’ve done it plenty times in the past

  3. I’m going to say they didn’t tip. Personally I never like to rely on one order to tip me

  4. Do more cardio? I don't understand. You want to train your subconscious mind with lucid dreaming?

  5. It’s happened to me before in the past. Your standing might take a hit but I also had a few other packages I was returning to the warehouse that day so it’s hard to say if the package missing contributed to my standing going down or me bringing the packages that I wasn’t able to finish before my block ended back to the warehouse did it. I would call support and have them notate in your account that the package is missing and from my experience as long as you do what your sapose to do like what you normally do it shouldn’t be a problem and your rating will go back up over time

  6. It was 4th of July. Everyone at my warehouse only got 1-3 packages max

  7. I dont ever get tired after sex. As a matter of fact I usually tire her out long before I'm ready to stop. Usually 1 to 2 hrs and multiple orgasms for us both

  8. Please explain more. Why do you think your able to have multiple orgasms and not get tired compare to the average male. Diet/exercise maybe?

  9. I'm 50 something. In great shape. Don't smoke. Don't drink. For the longest time I had delayed ejaculation. Couldn't cum most of the time. I had to pound away forever to get there when I did. I suppose I got used to it. But it also helps having a woman now that's 15yrs younger than me who's a sex maniac. Sex almost every day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Depends how busy we are. Our connection is surreal. I learned how to slow down and feel every inch of her inside. That let's me get over the edge. I have no refractory period. So I can restart and stay hard for between 1 to 2 hrs. Depends on how much she stimulates me physically or mentally.

  10. Do you think your ability is genetic or is it something every man can learn who is willing to put in the work?

  11. Making love is inherently based in exchanging energy. Balancing the yin and the yang.

  12. Idk if you’ll see this but let’s say if a guy has it in him to have sex 7 days out the week all day everyday with someone his loves then he would never feel depleted?

  13. East coast drivers get Sunday earnings on Tuesday. At least I do.

  14. It depends on where you are. People on the west coast in the Pacific time zone have reported having to wait until Friday to be paid for a late night Prime, Fresh or Whole Foods block on Sunday night, but people on the East coast typically get paid on Tuesday. I don't know what that means for people in Central or Mountain time zones. The cutoff for payment is sometime after 2am Eastern time, but I don't know the exact time.

  15. Ok. I’m on the east coast currently but I was living on the west coast earlier this year I remember one time where my tip didn’t finalize till Tuesday and it said I won’t get paid that money till Friday. Hopefully it’s different on the east coast

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