1. Damn had a derp moment forgot to include the gun company but its pioneer arms

  2. Just bring it as-is - don't fuck it up trying to neuter it to please the Crown.

  3. Going to be there for almost 2 months would like to not get arrested for shooting my gun at the range

  4. It depends on if it’s fix stocked, folder, and or 105 but early folder’s definitely had issues. Mine was in the early 200s and needed to be sent back. Though I saw the fixed stock guns in the mid 1000s needing it

  5. I want this one im going to be swapping the triagle folder for a sig adjustable stock and the gas tube for a railed one

  6. I did a YouTube video on my PSA 74 and it got a good amount of views I think with 3 or 4 videos close to 20K views. My rifle had some serious issues like the enlarged firing pin hole and abnormal wear. I really can’t speak about the newer rifles because i simply haven’t tried one but I ended up getting a 104FR right after that. Personally, if you can afford a good import of kit build I’d recommend that, the saving grace of the PSA is going to be the warranty. If you plan on shooting a lot of rounds the imports are a better choice

  7. Can i get a link to your videos ill go check them out and i have a saiga 223 that isnt a stamped receiver i rather not invest any more money into this gun

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