1. You're a hobo humping slobo babe!

  2. You can search "solo stuff" on this sub and at least start getting the feel for contacting a ball.

  3. It's insane to me that there are still Packers media writers (aka front office stooges) and delusional fans who insist the receiving core/skill position talent is not the main problem and that Rodgers is just missing all these so-called "open" guys. Our opponents literally tell us what our problems are when they run schemes that literally scream that they have 0 respect for our receivers and pass catchers. And sure, we can run the ball, but that's a tough option when your defense is not good enough, or when you're down a lot, or when you're facing third and long often. All 3 of which happens to us nearly each game.

  4. Rodgers hasn't been throwing very well either. His thumb is clearly affecting him.

  5. I mean if Rodgers was hooked up on HGH like Brady it would definitely be a different story

  6. When you’d pull it out but not push the button to look like you had a knife. 😂

  7. They were not allowed in our urban public school either

  8. Got a gun pulled on me in that store. Fun times

  9. Yup, and if you wore one, we probably were not friends.

  10. Ok well Black or Asian. My point to this post is that it's amazing that segments of the population did not seem to exist to some people.

  11. The post is about big hair and you are bringing race into it?

  12. Yeah, I never found this look to be attractive at all.

  13. Post more "Remember Chuck Cecil?" posts... and then let the little kids around here see a real fucking football player who destroyed men with his Human Missile Body

  14. Embarrassing era for Packer fans and it wasn't just because they sucked.

  15. Search "practice plans" on this sub. Find my old post. It should help tremendously

  16. If it doesn't open on your cell phone, try your PC. Cheers!

  17. The ball’s movement should come from you moving your legs (upwards squat motion), not from moving your arms. Change its direction just by standing up (doing a squat) while maintaining a 30–45° with your platform. Shrugging / pulling up your shoulders will help you keep this position.

  18. One of the worst things you can do during a pass is change the height of your head. You should not be pushing to stand up during a pass.

  19. Most teams that know what they are doing will key the oppo in position 4 for at least 1 attack, if not the whole time.

  20. To answer your question more specifically, I think a contact point of 10ft should be the first goal for any player.

  21. Your toss goes slightly to your left. Try tossing a tiny bit outside of your hitting shoulder. Just about a ball width outside.

  22. You had to suck on it first, warm it up a bit. Then after several difficult chews, you got maybe 10 less difficult chews and one bubble (if you were lucky) before your jaw got tired.

  23. You aren't opening up at all. Your hitting shoulder should be behind you with shoulders angled, your shoulder remains parallel to the end line.

  24. Trolling should be disallowed in this sub it doesn't contribute anything relevant to this discussion.

  25. A lot of posts here could easily be considered troll posts. At least this one is transparent.

  26. Can't remember for passing but for hitting the standard we were aiming for in junior national program was 40% efficiency for outside/opposite, 60% efficiency for middles.

  27. I don't like 9 being used because it sounds too much like "mine". The few times I have played using a 9 call, it has caused confusion during a rally.

  28. I'm from an eastern state in Australia. Whenever a touring American or Canadian college team comes here to play friendly matches against some of our teams here, there's always that funny conversation that takes place where we look at the Americans/Canadians and be confused by their calls and they do the same back.

  29. Curious about the other calls. I have seen locations going left to right across the net being 1-9 with your 5 being a 9, but I have never seen the 1 on the left paired with a 5 on the right pin.

  30. Sadly, Gift died in 2021. Blackalicious is still one of the best hip hop duos of the new millennium.

  31. Now doesn’t the vector have the 3 speed auto transaxle from an eldorado or something?

  32. Yes, also used in a GMC camper. It couldn't handle the hp

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