1. Unpopular opinion: Travis Kelce is the greatest TE of all time.

  2. Prime Gronk was better, but at least Kelce's made it somewhat of an argument.

  3. Resolution, handheld outputs 720p and docked 1080p, if the game was 720p docked the performance might be much better.

  4. That's not the dock doing that, it's just plugging it into the charger.

  5. I think a lot of people don't understand how underpowered this system really is

  6. It’s like a Green Bay tradition at this point.

  7. Favres thumb was permanently shrunken from playing all season on the broken thumb

  8. These things are not mutually exclusive, and believing that he could win a Super Bowl this year is just proof that he’s an idiot with a massive ego

  9. They were 3-1 when he broke the thumb. And had one what was considered to be a top defense.

  10. Hot take: the question is one of my least favorite mac songs. Wayne ruined it for me.

  11. Terrible officiating all day for all of the games. The officials were distracted by the thought of John Madden eating turkey legs.

  12. Should just wait. He’s dropping a new shoe I think before the end of the year

  13. Ah I don’t wear them so wasn’t really sure how many there were. I thought he had more than 3 out already

  14. Nah. Nbd. The 3 is on its way but I much prefer the look of the 2.

  15. People back then would drink all day, morning, noon, and night.

  16. I always wanted Etnies Lo Cut but never got them haha

  17. I had the dopest pair. Used to be able to customize your own on their website. Miss those shoes

  18. Duuude I totally remember that! I would design colorways all the time.

  19. I wonder if our record was .500 or worse if khris would have come back by now. Giannis needs his wingman.

  20. Out of curiosity I wonder how old you are? 2013 was a different time. Edgy/non PC/ dark humored jokes were funny and most everyone my age (millennials) kinda grew up with that kinda humor. I understand the social climate has changed and you can’t make records like that anymore but if you were there you knew it was lighthearted.

  21. Lol I am 25 and I just expect better out of a record with two hip hop legends on it. I understand it was a bonus track for fun. I also understand it was not to be taken serious. I just don't like it. Has nothing to do with being edgy or whatever your implying about things being different now.

  22. My first starter was bulba Then it was Mudkip Then it was chimchar

  23. It works for me. What I do is I grab lower level mons from my box for the areas Ive overleveled with my main team. It’s a lot of fun to use a great variety of mons instead of just the usual 6.

  24. Just have multiple teams. It's what I'm doing. Rotate as you travel

  25. You dumb bitches are gonna say the same shit about every game after a few years huh? It's just a never ending cycle isn't it (let it be known that I love these games)

  26. I saw people jerking off SwSh lately. That game got crushed on release. Its too early to tell. I liked Shield a lot. I will form my own opinions on this game

  27. Don't you guys want to see Aaron? A captian goes down with his ship. He is a legend. Enjoy every snap he takes

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