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  1. In my opinion, it’s one of the better reboots on Netflix. The last season felt a bit off, but everything leading up to it was great!

  2. Hope they don’t sue him. He’d need a really good lawyer!

  3. Hi Jack I was stimulating my crotch organ know as a phallus

  4. I’m a sucker for Origin stories, so I pick SS

  5. His fight with Kevin 11,000 in the OS was pretty brutal

  6. I’d wonder how long until they added in Tom Cavanagh.

  7. The logo feels a bit too big, and the Battinson-like cowl doesn’t really fit with the batfleck-like suit.

  8. If it ain’t broke, break your opponent with it!

  9. I’d say that the “Savior from Heaven” transformation is actually really creative, as it’s one of the only transformations to expand on Goku’s “Journey to the west” origins, in both fan works and official canon.

  10. It’s one of the transformations of Sun Wukong from Journey to the west, an ancient Chinese legend.

  11. The 200X Teela has a very cool design that is still recognizable. Also, the green eyes look really good!

  12. Advanced, except for the dlc which I used the armored advanced suit

  13. I took the 30 hour course, I'm qualified to make this joke

  14. I did the 10 hour speed run, so I’m qualified to get the joke(?)

  15. I love how this shows Naruto’s skill in Taijutsu. There’s barely any movement wasted, and each hit lands, and lands hard. This is a one-sided beat down, and it’s extremely satisfying to watch.

  16. wanna see this naruto fight final gate guy

  17. That fight would depend on who’s technique killed them first

  18. Honestly, every line from Kevin in that show is pure gold.

  19. I thought the origin story was done when she has beaten her arch enemy for the first time?

  20. I always thought it was when the mentor-figure died.

  21. I didn’t like TLJ, but the story had potential to set up a good final film, but then they fucked it up

  22. If this hasn’t been a setting in an action movie yet then I will be incredibly disappointed

  23. Maybe they decreased the suit budget to give it to the writers?

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