1. There's no magic bullet. They will get the most mileage from better diet and exercise.

  2. Only your body knows how it will react to a withdrawal. Try cutting the dose in half or alternating days and see what happens.

  3. Google for hypertension and supplements or herbs, you'll find a bunch of results. What works depends on your body or cause. Experiment to see what works.

  4. Google Translate app will translate the label if you upload the image or point the camera at it.

  5. I did this going from a Galaxy S10 to an iPhone 11 Pro Max and at first it was amazing. But about 6 months in I got extremely bored with the lack of customization and freedom and jailbreaking it to get those features made iOS unstable. So just be aware if you like customization and freedom on your phone AT ALL that you will miss it when you switch. That being said, the OS and ecosystem on iPhones is so much more optimized and polished so almost everything on it feels great.

  6. I'm a long time Android user. I don't customize much or need apps like Tasker or AutoMagic anymore.

  7. iPhones have ui crashes too in my experience so you won't be avoiding that although it's nowhere near a daily occurrence. But yeah dude, I'd say go for it and try out an iPhone, I can see the itch you're having because I felt it too lol. It's not really going to go away until you try it. Plus they have the added bonus of retaining their value much better than androids if you do decide to return.

  8. I used an iPhone 6s+ for three years. I came from flashing ROMs everyday on the Nexus 4 to the locked down iPhone 6s.

  9. None those with the meal should cause problems. Have you experimented taking the first meal without any supplements to rule out the probiotic taken on waking up? Could be that the probiotic is acting on the meal and the other supplements have nothing to do with the bad feeling.

  10. I run into this problem often on the pixel 5 running android 11 and now 12. I was hoping the problem would go away with 12 but it hasn't. The fix might be to uninstall then reinstall the problematic apps or components. Or switch to iOS.

  11. Yeah, battery life has gone down with mine. Hopefully this can correct itself later, but this was the main reason I got the Pixel 5 over other phones. If not I might sell it for something else.

  12. Same boat. Battery life took a dive in the last few weeks. I have to charge several times a day. I'm tempted to trade in the Pixel 5 for an iPhone 12.

  13. It all depends on what matters to you. I moved to iphone 12 Pro Max for security and privacy and stayed for the camera, battery life and a UI that is fast, fluid and just works. Couldn't be happier.

  14. I'm considering a switch to the iPhone 12 for the same reasons. Do you miss the touch sensor on the Pixel?

  15. Do you take B supplements? The variation could be due to supplement timing, meal timing or simply lab test inaccuracy, execution or differences. Two tests can measure the same thing in different ways and may not produce numbers directly comparable and only meaningful within their own reference ranges.

  16. It could be the pyridoxine. While the amount is merely 100% of NRV, the extra amount might trigger vivid dreams. Google

  17. Why not but also why? Watch your total zinc intake. Consider alternating them on different days.

  18. FINALLY...a user who has exactly what I am looking for!

  19. I haven't tried Visible service yet. The IMEI for my Unlocked Pixel 5 from Best Buy is compatible at the above link: "Boom. Your phone is compatible."

  20. Works perfectly fine installed sim before first boot no issues so far tried calls mms sms

  21. Do WiFi calling or Sub6 5G work?

  22. I can't find a setting at all for wifi calling atm so I'm guessing no and visible doesn't have 5g yet so no I don't get 5g

  23. I jumped the gun asking about 5G. You could toggle off the carrier to check WiFi calling. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  24. Single supplement tablets typically exceed the RDA dose. They are purchased to treat a condition. If you want a RDA dose, get your niacin from a multivitamin or B complex.

  25. I'm running on Verizon as of this morning and it's been good so far. VoLTE is active but I'm not sure about 5g support.

  26. Did you have any issues activating the phone on Verizon?

  27. Can you allow other people other than yourself to post? I have a genuine question to ask and this is probably the only subreddit to do so.

  28. Are you not able to post? I haven't restricted posting.

  29. Maybe he meant submissions. I also can't submit in this subReddit due to "Submissions restricted". Maybe bobit has to do it? :(

  30. It’s called a Mock Up Wall. It used a lot of times for the owner to confirm their finish selections (brick, siding, roofing) and provides an opportunity for the GC to confirm installation and flashing details with their subcontractors. Sets a baseline before production installation begins.

  31. The mock up walls in these cases are all for big apartment buildings and some of these mock ups sit there for a long time before the ground is dug and in other cases still there when the building is complete externally.

  32. On some large projects we will do a mock wall on a site away from the actual project site. Could be a rental lot or a property owned by the same owner as our project site. Then it just sits until that property is developed.

  33. Shagium, in the case you've described, which is what I see around here, is the purpose of the mock up wall customary more than it is practical or useful?

  34. iPhone 6s rocks but my cam is inexplicably broken and takes blurry shots. I would get the battery replaced and use it for another year if not for lousy images.

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