1. Holy shit there is only one other extrovert here besides me. Im ENFP

  2. I literally wear an aroace badge on my chest and someone still did this. At least they waited until after the person I was talking to had left though

  3. I'm ace but I'm always hot cuz I always have a slight fever and a runny nose😷😭

  4. i think ill make one for neutral names in the future, but i'll want to change up the format so it'll take some time for me to think of it

  5. Nothing to see here! Aces are totally normal and I'm totally saying that of my own accord! :D

  6. It's understandable to be too distracted to notice them. It happens to me at work sometimes when we're very busy. They're not being blocked by anything external, your mind is just on other things.

  7. Greyro here to confirm. That is in fact what it’s like lol I don’t recommend.

  8. Same here. I'm actually Romo favorable but I don't like the feeling of romantic attraction-it used to make me have depression 😔

  9. I'm ace and I draw...ummm in my secret account I'm aro and I make oc ships, like romance stuff and.... I'm in a relationship(I fluxinate between bellus and cupio)

  10. Well, not every aro is immune. I'm aro but I still feel sad thinking that I may never experience romance

  11. Tho I'm in a relationship, I don't think I don't feel whole without it- But better half seems to have many meanings as well as partners. Like your new talent, better friends -you with better things. I'd like to think this word as just myself but more grown up. Plus, we can't say our partners are perfect, so that phrase don't seem to be a good example

  12. My dumb aego/bellus brain is thinking: AWWWW LOVELY and NOOOO I DUN WANT THAT NOOOO at same time

  13. We should have flags for ignorance and dumbness on this sub, anyone have ideas?

  14. Hi. I'm aro. I have a partner. He didnt know I was aro from the start bc I didn't have the word for it but I told him how I feel. I have that word now and we talk about it a lot, our relationship is fairly new. It's never a bad time to talk about your feelings or lack there of with your person.

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