1. McDaniels took over a playoff team, whose nine-year vet QB was coming off a career year, and added Davante Adams while keeping the rest of the team mostly intact.

  2. It’s a better experience to join a struggling team’s fan base (especially if they have a new quarterback or a long-tenured head coach that is starting something new) because you’ll better connect with the stars and feel like you’ve earned their talent.

  3. This is one of the biggest problems with the internet in a nutshell.

  4. Would you prefer that every article have a research abstract take the space of its title?

  5. I dunno man. I'm just a dumbass on the internet. But I do know what cloning means.

  6. Hey, how did u get that patriots logo next to your name?

  7. Don’t you forget that Mac and cheese is where most of the action happens - pepper mills are just there to spice it up a bit

  8. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

  9. He projects that Mac will be 26th in the league when he was 16th last season! That’s a… noticeable sophomore slump…

  10. They’ll live forever, understand everything, be able to fly through space, never age, and never communicate again.

  11. The ability to be able to read thoughts of the person that is feeling down, I'm genuinely a therapist in my friendship group and I try to help others as well.

  12. Or you could edit people’s thoughts so that they think optimistically

  13. (Inspired by OP’s response) You can dilapidate or decay people or things by simply offering them the truth as you see it:

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