1. I love the desert. I-80 between Salt Lake City and Reno is one of my favorite stretches of highway anywhere.

  2. I considered Juneau myself. It looks incredible! Still, I heard the dating scene in Alaska kinda sucks.

  3. One of my favourites was from the Last Action Hero:

  4. Still wondering what to do with my last $280 cola. Slow down I got no room for more $$$

  5. Had a guy bring in about 75 packages (including internationals) 20 minutes before closing. He said he normally did click and ship but his printer was broke. I told him we closed in 20 minutes and that I wouldn't be able to process them all in time. He said "and?". I suggested he take them to another office and that most wouldn't make dispatch that night anyway. He refused.

  6. Usually months, but it will vary significantly. I once put in for Juneau, AK to see how long that would take. Less than a month. I guess it's that bad up there.

  7. My fiancée is a flight attendant they’re in negotiations her pay rate will go from 54$ an hr to 71$ an hr and they’re still negotiating for more. I feel like we’re not going to even get a whole dollar extra

  8. I have one of those customers that stalk me at my lunch spot, even sent her maid out to get her mail one day. Told them both they can wait till I'm done eating lunch.

  9. Customers that bitch about the cost of postage or having to pay for tape. My favorite was a real estate agent who bitched and moaned about having to pay over six bucks a parcel. I live in a fairly expensive town, so I really wanted to make a scene over that interaction. Didn't, though.

  10. Not Samson family, but they covered a career executioner on NJTT. “A 16th Century Celebrity Executioner”

  11. There's also a great book covering the same man called The Faithful Executioner.

  12. You aren't supposed to be a quasi-government agency. You're supposed to be a government agency. Government agencies are supposed to benefit the people and should be funded by taxes.

  13. And the people they do hire are worked to the bone until they understandably jump ship.

  14. I buy milk, I buy flour, I buy vitamins, I boil them down into little energy balls to sustain me.

  15. Do mail handlers make as much as clerks? I'd be interested in trying mail handler too if it had around the same kind of benefits and pay

  16. The "Life" series by Frances and Joseph Gies is fascinating and easy-to-read.

  17. Thank you for the help! I like the second bed better. Unfortunately that particular frame doesn’t come in the right size for my mattress, so I’ll have to look elsewhere. Do you know of any furniture companies that specialize in medieval looking furniture?

  18. Honestly it’s nothing special, some may disagree but it’s just a bigger Stockton.

  19. Yeah, being from Stockton, I strongly disagree. Sacramento has redeeming qualities, whereas Stockton has none.

  20. There’s a great book about an executioner in the 1600s in Nuremberg named Franz Schmidt. Fascinating biography. As it turns out, he was indeed very well compensated for his work.

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