1. “Pyrodex is less sensitive to ignition than black powder, and uses the same shipping and storage guidelines as smokeless powder. Pyrodex is more energetic per unit of mass than black powder, but it is less dense, and can be substituted at a 1:1 ratio by volume for black powder in many applications.”

  2. Put your watch by the compass, or a cellphone, or a knife, or whatever else electronic, or steel and it will pull the compass. I mean, I know I have more experience with compasses than most, but did you check your compass on anything else at all?

  3. the ramrod sticks to metal thats why I found out, I was just curious if magnetism has anything to do with harmful materials

  4. If you rub two pieces of ferrous metal together enough times, they usually become magnetic. I'd say if your gun has been fired more than a few times, that ramrod has been rubbed against another ferrous metal a lot. (The barrel being the other one.) So, it being slightly magnetic is no surprise. I would suggest getting a brass tipped rod to use on your gun, though. Steel on steel will create wear eventually. Brass being softer should help reduce that wear. You can leave that rod on the gun for looks, but get a range rod to load with.

  5. I rub the ramrod in the barrel a lot just to practice fast reload, I guess that's why

  6. Those men burning to death were secretly slavers. They combusted upon hearing the song. That’s how powerful John Brown’s Body is.

  7. they tried to cleanse their sins in the purity of burning flame.

  8. This is a violation of galactic treaty section 14 No.1134-B, you cannot park your flying saucer on a primitive planet publicly without the authorization of galactic council. Doing so will result in your flying saucer being beamed into space and disintegrated by a federation enforcement vessel.

  9. Be careful of road side IEDs, don't park near any garbage cans someone might have tossed a homemade anti-vehicle bomb inside. There were rumors that people have seen teenagers running around with AT4s and RPG7s around at night but I personally haven't seen any.

  10. I fired just a hair over 3,000 logged rounds through my various muskets in 2022.

  11. I think you might have one that's metric and one that's standard thread.

  12. Jesuit pagan witches? The mental gymnastics to even get there are impressive.

  13. I'm gonna say replace the nipple first if that doesn't work then try a new hammer spring.

  14. Could it have triggered an accidental discharge as the air can get in from the opened nipple?

  15. Changing the caps is the last step of loading because you don’t air to get inside and reignite right?

  16. Real walnut. Older Italian imports sometimes have lesser wood but the more recent ones, Pedersoli or Armi Sport in particular, use the good stuff

  17. It’s an old italian repro produced in 2002 I think

  18. Lots of repro makers use European walnut or Turkish walnut. The cheap generic repro stuff out of places like India will often use stuff like Teak, or some of them will also use woods like Chinese Beech or Asian birch. Depending on where they source their lumber.

  19. hey I just posted another post with pictures, maybe you can ID it.

  20. Is euroarms Springfield good? How’s it comparing to pedersoli?

  21. Euroarms made good quality reenactment repros that also could perform great in some target shooting if done right.

  22. Hamburgers are named after Hamburg, Germany.

  23. I kinda want to ride again, please lemme know if you heard anything from them

  24. It's there, but there are dual listings -- one that isn't available, one that is.

  25. What level of wealth is Asian? Is Asian rich or poor?

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