1. In the same cutscene as the revel of the truth of summoning? Or in the cutscene of the sundering?

  2. The former. Granted too they said it was only a little or some such. Zodiark was simply too big.

  3. Very lucky dragon for sure, would love to volunteer.

  4. I expect TotK will be the game that most requires playing the prequel to actually appreciate in the series (another series tradition deftly broken!), because so much of its existence will depend on seeing things you saw last time -- revisiting the New Champions, seeing Death Mountain spew fire when it was merely leaking lava before, so on. The developers will readily expect the average player to have an idea of who these people & places used to be.

  5. I’m honestly skeptical of that. I’m sure it’ll be nice to compare and contrast but I don’t think it’ll be required.

  6. It'll be kind of weird if Riju and Sidon introduce themselves like they've never met Link, on the other hand. In fact so much of the dialogue for all the zora revolves around them knowing Link and remembering him after his 100 year nap. Surely they must somehow keep that familiarity while not bogging it down in reciting the same info as last time.

  7. You'd probably have someone say "Thanks for that help with Vah Ruta" or whatever when you enter the domain. It doesn't need to be anything major, and it would be kind of odd to spend a lot of time bogged down in that kind of thing honestly even if expecting someone to have played the previous game is what they go with.

  8. For me it’s just a part of what makes him who he is. As echoed by a lot of people he doesn’t have much in the way of defining traits, it’s why the earring is important, his tunic, so on.

  9. Yes, there is a good reason I resorted to making my own Zelda. When one's needs are not met they must seek alternatives.

  10. Oh? What’s your Zelda like? And yeah, hoping they return to the formula for things soon. Not all of BotW is bad and I’d be happy to see some stuff folded in but some of it isn’t so great.

  11. Ooh, both very big. Wouldn’t mind fresh shots, or working to make more.

  12. Lucky guy, that's a pretty fun position I'd enjoy trying.

  13. Ooh, I really like the bottom left one. Lucky bottom.

  14. Ooh. Tentacles. Always wanted to play with those.

  15. Fun beach day for sure. Like the darker looking guy.

  16. Ideal fantasy. Just need one beneath the tail too or more.

  17. Impressive. Shame he couldn’t find someone to take that, I know I wouldn’t mind.

  18. Just a little more and you can take it all. I know I would.

  19. Both look like they’d be good at that, would love to get more fuel from both.

  20. Ooh. That top looks hot. Though I am easy for them.

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