Good friend recently got a new dog who had been terrorizing their 12+ year old senior cat to the point of bad depression. Asked if I would take him in so he could be happy again. I’ve never had a cat but said yes to help. Turns out he’s a cool dude and seems to be very happy and comfortable here 🙂

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  1. Bald Mountain ( north trail ), Proud Lake, Highland or Pontiac Lake recreational areas would be good. They are all state parks. They all have deep woods hiking trails. Bring bug spray!!

  2. There is someone for everyone out there....just gotta look hard.....

  3. I have noticed it more as I age but I just wipe the bad boy down when I am finished so I don't have to feel any wetness in my drawers lol.

  4. That’s easy. I dislike the guys character but his passed policies helped me the middle man. I judge a president by his policies. Everyone thought for sure he would start world war 3. Well look at the state we’re in now. Enemies of the state will take advantage of a weak president. Nobody fucked with Trump as he carried that big stick.

  5. Oh fucking please. Please tell us all how he helped the middle class? I can't wait to hear that. Trump is a tough guy??? Bwahahahahahahaha!! He literally looks like a donut and cries ALL THE TIME about how everyone is out to get him. Complete victim complex. He is the weakest animal on this planet and he knows it.

  6. So you just want collapse. You do understand that you and everyone you love or care about will lose EVERYTHING right? Or do you not care at all?

  7. Hello, heart patient here. I am 51 but had my widow maker heart attack last year. Had a stent put in. Other arteries were good. Had to wear a external defibrillator vest for a few months. Now on 5 different meds for life but you know what? I have never felt better. I don't plateau anymore on my hikes. I can go forever now. Is taking the meds and changing my life style a pain in the ass? Oh yes. BUT. Unless a crazy accident happens, I will probably be here for a long time. So I consider myself lucky. Your old man should be good. Just tell him to listen to his doctors advice.

  8. The GOP is nothing but a circus sideshow now. All freaks. No substance or intelligence at all.

  9. Think I'll continue to stay unmarried and single...

  10. You should be ok for the most part. We all have to deal with assholes on a daily basis but we can choose to ignore if possible.

  11. Please kindly STFU with your bullshit. Have ANY evidence of your claims? Huh? Were you there on that day??? Go back to your basement troll. I am sure you will not be missing the next exciting episode of InfoWars...

  12. Looks like nasty litter. Don't use the clumping litter, use Feline Pine or something similar and this kind of thing will stop.

  13. Although everyone behaved commendably for a video on this sub, it's important to remember that anywhere in the US,

  14. Thank you for taking care of the ole boy. I also have a 14 year old ole boy who is named Knuckles Haha!! He is the best. Glad you two could find some companionship and happiness.

  15. Hmm, so every other country on the planet does not have crazy and evil people?

  16. It just seems like everyone is on the edge these days. This is no way to live.

  17. Liberals truly live in a constant state of fear and sensationalize what they see on tv. They have very childish reactions to things. The boogeyman is not out to get you. Sorry woman have to live with an impulse decision they made even though protection is available everywhere. Liberals just throw personal responsibilities right out the door. You can make an argument about rape and incest all you want but it’s a rare situation that does need abortion in the conversation. Stop whining all the time. It makes all of you guys look so illegitimate when talking about grown up issues.

  18. Independent here but your comment is complete and utter bullshit. Not sure where you lean or believe but white Christian nationalist are trying to turn the USA into a autocratic theistic hell hole with of all people, Trump as their righteous leader. Trying to push their fake bible bullshit on everyone else. Whatever happened to separation of church and state huh? NOT EVERYONE IN THE USA BELIEVES IN THEIR SHIT!! Hence, there has to be a god damned compromise. Thats how grown ups act.

  19. One of the most culturally rich and historically significant cities in America you ignorant jackass.

  20. It might have been HalfWit but not anymore. Its funny to me that you honestly think I care about your 2 bit opinions. Fuck off 4EVA

  21. I had one today as well. I didn't pay anything out of pocket cause of a gift card and the promo for the pizza so I got lucky. Mine was ok. Cooked right but could have used more ingredients. Looks like they mangled your food..yeeeeessshhh.

  22. You go Don, I love Big Macs too....not just everyday tho lol....

  23. Awesome place. I was just there today hiking. The lake was very clear.

  24. This is what needs to happen with the GOP. Wipe them off the political map 4EVA!!

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