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  1. Yeah it’s not. The post is hella dumb for other reasons but it’s not xenophobic when OP is saying he’s an asshole just like the UK folks, just in a somewhat different way

  2. Yeah even stereotypes of old school Italian aren’t gonna involve bringing a mistress anywhere near the home, the fact that you made it Christmas in your hypo is even more stupid

  3. Sorta lame that we share our special ability with the substantial majority of nations :/

  4. It’s more about him then y’all. Does he even care about winning a ring? Lack of competitiveness automatically cancels you as a superstar in my book

  5. Nah dude that is a guy who still has a lot of fat on his body. Not roids.

  6. Buddy wait till you hear about water weight an the aromatizing of testosterone into estrogen

  7. Odds are not good that he’s worth any more, especially to a team facing the chance that he bounces for LA in 3 months lol

  8. I mean it’s what the soldiers were told. And they were kids. A lot of them believed it. Like every war ever

  9. People don’t believe it, I think. Check the change in 40 times just from using electronic timing, those old 4.2’s look reaaaal suspicious

  10. His acts are terrible and I hope his future ex-wife gets the help needed to pull through this not just for her but her children as well. With that said This is a basketball sub, not a domestic relationship sub. And his actions impacted his line of work that was about to pay him handsomely.

  11. This is assuming Wembanyama who is currently listed at 229 does not put on a single pound of weight over the course of an entire year lol

  12. Just let him know about this post, I’m sure he’d be fine to skip dinner to fulfill the prophecy

  13. Id be confident if Lebron is 32 instead of 37. lol He can at least drag them to the playoffs while AD load managed Kawhi style and Kyrie do his shenanigans in the reg. season.

  14. I feel really dumb because I didn’t know this was an incognito Kyrie post until you told me

  15. Yeah, you're joking but not really. He could hunch into a C shape and his reach would still be over 9 feet lol

  16. Doesn’t do much for the defense when Zion can take the ball and smash it through his 9-foot noodle arms

  17. NBA MVP candidates need to be able to play 36 minutes without being gassed for the last 5. That’s unironically a normal expectation. Especially for a guard

  18. Lmao we'll see man. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying it ain't as easy as people make it seem. There's tough competition

  19. Jokic is not winning another MVP until he gets deep playoff success. Even then, he’ll be hard pressed.

  20. Money works perfectly with the three I suggested 🤷‍♂️

  21. There have been better trade assets than post-Achilles 34 yo KD who just bounced from his third team, the second hand-chosen team he left 3 years later

  22. If this were true the deal would’ve been done yesterday. So I’m inclined to believe this is a fake report.

  23. The assertion made in the report is true it’s just being misunderstood. It doesn’t say the Raps will trade him, just that he can technically be traded within the confines of the CBA .

  24. Why? Kyrie says dumb shit but he is a good dude who does a lot of charity, Kd is just a hooper

  25. I mean, you can see why the guy whose been writing their checks and who mortgaged the future of his team caving to their demands would be salty

  26. We saw that with simmons kinda

  27. Like OP said, KD has a huge love for the game. Very different from Simmons in that way. It’s hard to believe KD would sit out.

  28. Robert Williams. But it's not potential so much as completely realized.

  29. The two passes stat was a bit exaggerated (despite definitely being a flaw in Mitchell's game. For example, I think Booker only passes to Ayton like 3 times a game. That said, I can't wait to see D'Lo with a hard screening big and lob buddy.

  30. Ayton isn’t a good comparison because a huge narrative with the suns has been how they failed to get him involved enough offensively.

  31. Don’t settle for anything. Hold everyone hostage including KD. He can sit on the bench.

  32. I agree, the Nets should employ the morey madness until they end up with the last laugh

  33. Obviously i see that is one of the top posts, but I went on the Browns sub after the Watson signing. I saw the highly upvoted comments. It was disgusting. I'm glad the fan base has seemingly had a change of heart, but that doesn't change the initial reaction.

  34. He went crazy after the young guys on the Celtics got to within 6 min of the finals without him. He was a good teammate and leader his first season with the Celtics

  35. KD may not be on the market if we’re to believe today’s press volley…he’s apparently pissed off the one guy he should not have.

  36. Considering Woj was dead on about the Harden trade, and Woj was basically spreading misinformation, I don't really think that's true

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