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  1. Never did the work? You can call him anything but deny he's insanely hard working and I know you're stupid.

  2. Yeah, you know, I think I'll start posting on Twitter as much as Elon does at my job and see how 'hard-working' my boss thinks I am.

  3. Has anyone tried to sue him for manslaughter, intentional workplace hazards and child endangerment?

  4. They were tried for involuntary manslaughter - despite Landis being an unbearable cunt of a dictator on set, demanding that the helicopter fly in an unsafe way, and the helicopter pilot even blaming the victims for not ‘looking up after the sound changed’, the jury found them all innocent.

  5. Absolutely criminal that Landis wasn't prosecuted for their deaths in any meaningful way.

  6. Out of this list? Lee and Clem is a story that makes me cry like a baby.

  7. If Snyder was a baker, he'd make you the tastiest-looking Cake on the planet. Then, you bite into it and it tastes like a store-bought Twinkie.

  8. As someone who tries to avoid the discourse, I am happy to see the endless worship of Filoni come to an end - the way some people were talking, he should supposedly be running and writing every single Star Wars project ever.

  9. Samira, Lucian.... and hear me out....

  10. I don’t know what’s goin on here but I’m intrigued

  11. This meme is not about MLs at all. Not that I’d expect “tankie” to have a cohesive definition in the first place, but I have seen a ton of marxist-leninists disagree with Stalin, the DPRK, and Xi. Communism is a broad ideology… not that this matters cause the meme is apparently about some socialist campaign.

  12. The idea that 'Tankie' is a nebulous, non-cohesive term is a little strange. We all know who's being talked about when the term is thrown around, and there's several large communities on Reddit that can collectively be called Tankie communities. (Sino, GZD, etc.)

  13. Okay so tankies simply cosplay as MLs but MLs aren’t tankies, right? Because OP is about tankies since the meme says “fuck stonetoss and fuck tankies” and I was simply telling the person above me that the meme isn’t about MLs.

  14. Fair - I think I’ve seen a lot of folks kneejerking to using ML instead of Tankie because Tankies winge about the term, but you are 100% right.

  15. Everyone out here complaining about the music, I'm jamming. Captain Jack slaps.

  16. I really don't understand how someone who posts regularly on ACAB subreddits suddenly decides that ACANB when China gets involved.

  17. Terrifier. Absolutely nasty garbage pile of a movie, but it was a lot of fun.

  18. Week of Nightmares the Ravnos were all called, in Gahenna books kindred were summoned by generation starting with the oldest to their progenitors.

  19. The Ravnos were a special case of White Wolf deliberately repairing a fuck up by killing off one clan of thirteen (and a ton of Bloodlines) who had a low player count. Removing Elders from play entirely is a whole ‘nother beast. In addition, it’s quite a bit different than the mad frenzy the Ravnos went into.

  20. Not really for Requiem, the lore of the setting is too different, but if they wanted to they certainly could make them the same universe they just have put in the narrative work to justify it. Just like how they could if they wanted to connect H5 to Reckoning if they wanted to.

  21. Protean has a high-level ability that (I believe) cuts most damage in half or just gives you a ton of soak. Real useful.

  22. Is it me, or does this look weirdly like a miniature? Almost the same effect as tilt-shift photography.

  23. The transpassing sub is toxic af. I left after I read some pos wrote "ffs is necessary" to a pre hrt 16yr old girl who wasnt quite masculine to begin with.

  24. Honestly, I do feel like in 70% of the photos I’ve seen, FFS makes very subtle changes that aren’t going to be noticed BC the person already passes. It feels like a racket.

  25. Don’t forget that a non-insignificant chunk of these posts are advertising an onlyfans page, which isn’t really the intended audience of this group. This is a place people should browse to discuss trans issues and get advice, not to buy trans porn.

  26. What's this build? I'm stupid, and I can't figure out the top row of items.

  27. Sorry, I should've clarified; my guess is that's what the Kindlegem builds into as the last item.

  28. It is immensely important for me, as the Support, to call the enemy ADC a cum sandwich after they kill my ADC in a close duel. This is an important part of Supporting, and absolutely essential to the gameplay and story of League of Legends.

  29. I was watching Scarface the other day, and it struck me how much painting Boba as a Tony Montana-esque figure would've worked a million times better.

  30. The implication here being that because the Prequels received a negative reaction, every single bas Star Wars film that receives a negative reaction will turn out to be a maligned gem?

  31. Not really. The linked article even says that one or two people jumping in is 'proof' that the bystander effect doesn't exist, even though that's not really what the effect is.

  32. well said. this is the consequence of what most people are choosing to do with their lives.

  33. This is actually a common phenomenon known as the Bystander Effect, and was common long before smartphones and video cameras.

  34. yeah but getting a bunch of shit tattoos isnt "visually striking". anyone can get them or just paint those on

  35. If anyone can get facial tattoos and be employed as a featured model, why don't you do it?

  36. I feel you but that's a terrible argument. Lots of people wouldn't want to be a model even if they had the ability to

  37. Right, but this person was saying that the model in question isn’t visually striking and that the facial tattoos are all that make them good looking.

  38. Your average viewer that has watched the show once and favorite episode is pine barrens doesn't like the Vito plot line. They don't like the dream sequences either and probably think the ending is open for interpretation.

  39. I think the plotline works well, I just think that Joe Gannascoli didn't really have the acting chops to pull it off or draw us in. He's actually really good at comedy, but I have trouble with him as a dramatic actor.

  40. Im pretty sure in the terms of services you waiver that right and they hace access to it too. I don't know if you have watched Jack Ryan, but in the first season, the villains use an online ingame chat to communicate about the terrorist attacks they plan. That's going for the extreme, but im sure Riot (and others) wouldnt want their platforms to be the origin of shit like that and will have some sort of survailance you agree to in all of their chats, which they may use for punishments for toxicity or whatever. Just a gut feeling, could be 100% wrong

  41. I'm pretty sure the Jack Ryan scene is based on a real-world issue Blizzard encountered with cells using WoW to coordinate, but I could be wrong.

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