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  1. Somehow the photo from the ground floor made it worse. It went from "wtf why did you do this holiday inn" to "I'm the caretaker"

  2. You look like a nice young man, don't let internet people get you down ✌️

  3. How did they get that number for God, and what is the less generous estimate?

  4. The flood would account for most of this, if you're one of the evangelists who takes that story literally.

  5. Just yesterday, I scheduled an appointment for my 17 year old daughter to get an IUD. She's been on the pill for a couple years because she has really bad periods. She used the pill to just skip periods. She was not sexually active when she started them.

  6. Just make sure you advocate for her and MAKE SURE THOSE DOCTORS GIVE HER ANESTHESIA. it's sickening to me that doctors just forgo it.

  7. I don't understand what's wrong with this. Isn't this person saying that medical providers are still removing the fetal remains after a miscarriage (as opposed to what has happened in some countries, leading to women dying of sepsis)? The only thing I see that is wrong is calling it "the baby".

  8. after a miscarriage, a d&c (medical term for an abortion basically) is sometimes needed to remove the rest of the embryo/fetus. if this doesn't occur the person can become septic (body's extreme response to infection) & sepsis can be fatal. misinformation like this is extremely dangerous.

  9. The "abortion pill" is also used to help a miscarriage pass safely if it's early enough in the pregnancy.

  10. Some posts are being removed if the word 'abortion' is used, so they have to get creative with the work around. But yes, I agree, let's use the word until using the word is probable cause for arrest.

  11. At this age, straight forward honesty is best. There's no more high school pettiness, sneakiness, two-faced questioning, etc.

  12. I’m not blaming you honestly, but next time do not bring up heavy topics while driving. It’s a tactic used by many abusers to say whatever they want while the victim is helpless to leave. Not saying you did that, but that the behavior has roots in abuse.

  13. The best talks my spouse and I have are in a car, where we HAVE to communicate, keep level heads, and have plenty of time.

  14. Everyone needs to read Intercourse and Right Wing Women by Andrea Dworkin. Dismantle all the anti-feminist propaganda, and read what she had to say

  15. It feels like it, but nope. It’s a special slice of hell in West Tennessee.

  16. Agreed, Colorado welcomes any and all negatively affected with open arms and Mountains!

  17. Also a CO expat from the south. Best decision we ever made, period. I'll be homeless before I leave CO for another state at this point

  18. -- I know the meth stories you're talking about. I still don't agree with them being prosecuted, as it swings open the door to any number of legal complexities, and addiction needs rehab and long term treatment, not jail. And thats not even mentioning that one of these women had 3 pregnancy related infections that all cause miscarriage, that had gone untreated. But that's not the issue at hand I'm talking about with what I was told, by someone I worked alongside and deeply trust this morning

  19. Sorry it's a new account. I tried to change my password to be able to use my account on my PC and apparently fucked up in that it wasn't how I normally do my passwords so I have to reset it again and it's requiring a delay. So now I'm on my backup account because I don't have the password to the other account..

  20. I dont really understand how universal funding for medical programs negates medical privacy.

  21. If y'all ever made an "🚨ALLEGEDLY🚨" tank top for merch, I'd just... give you all my money

  22. I'm working on learning Hungarian so I can get citizenship there. My grandmas was born a Hungarian citizen so if I can pass an interview in Hungarian, I'm in. Then I'm in the EU and can live/work anywhere (not planning on actually living in Hungary).

  23. I was about to say, glad you'll be elsewhere in the EU. Hungary isn't safe either.

  24. Don't be scared. The media is playing this up for views and clicks. You live in CALIFORNIA which has legal abortions. You're literally going to be okay. Most people get along with each other if everyone is respectable. There are morons out there and there's nothing you can do about them except see them for what they are: ignorant people, and it's not your responsibility to change them. Construction work is one of the few employers out there that hire humans with criminal records, you're going to be working with criminals. Even guys that work construction despise some construction workers.

  25. This is how China overtakes the US in education, skilled laborers, and tech development. This shit right here.

  26. My state is considered one of the top 5 in the country for overall education, 7th for prek-12, according to US News and World Report. This is based on college readiness, HS graduation rate, NAEP math scores, NAEP reading scores, and preschool enrollment. If we vote red in my lifetime, this will significantly change.

  27. Omg, this was it, thank you! We had added a snippet to shift the z-index. Removed that and it's editable again. Now I know!

  28. I have to do the same thing on one of my websites. I added a fun little thing where the footer reveals itself on scroll, but I have to remove that code anytime I go to edit the footer.

  29. We have a pilot shortage. A healthcare shortage. A teacher shortage. Any trained position is seeing a shortage.

  30. I found out today that in states like South Carolina, Planned Parenthood is turning away women who are miscarrying.

  31. If pro-choice people will all vote in November and vote 100% Blue, then it can be done.

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