1. Good morning, my friends. IWNDWYT.

  2. My kids spark my joy. A clean kitchen, a good book and knitting also spark joy for me. So many simple things are a source of joy now that I’m out of the haze of alcohol. IWNDWYT ❤️💜❤️💜

  3. Not from AA, but I always say to myself “I won’t drink if I don’t drink” If I don’t have a “first” drink ever again, I’ll never have a second/sixth/fifteenth. It sounds stupid/redundant but I swear it’s my mantra 😂

  4. One that I love from here is “when I control my drinking, I don’t enjoy it. When I enjoy my drinking, I don’t control it.”

  5. UGH. I carried medical vomit bags in my car because I threw up so much bile towards the end.

  6. Naltrexone finds the switch in your brain that regulates drinking. It shuts it off, and then obliterates it!

  7. I wish I’d known more about medical intervention. I’m not a candidate for NAL, but Antabuse could’ve helped!

  8. Cats are healing. Really! The frequency of their purrs is supposed to help with depression & such.

  9. Hello, yes I just turned 45yo. I’m a ‘serial monogamist,’ in an LTR of over 6yrs, we quit together. No kids (on purpose.)

  10. 5 months today! Thanks for all the comments and support yesterday as I was off music festival-ing. I had loads of fun not drinking. I was waiting at the bar for and the smell made me nauseous and not craving, so I think that’s a good thing? The reality is that there were way fewer noticeably drunk people than I remember at these things. Which makes me cringe at my past behaviour! Anyway, just a note to say it’s possible to still go to these things and have a great time. Which is good, as I’m seeing a concert tonight for a band I really like, so will be singing and dancing away! IWNDWYT!

  11. CONGRATS! You can definitely go get a chip from an AA meeting if you want- don’t need to be a regular attendee.

  12. Freakin CONGRATS!!!🎊🎉🎈 Glad you’re safe, my friends friend is stuck in Naples & it sounds terrifying!

  13. Thanks! I'm glad that I'm at least conscious and accepting of my problem. I take full blame for my shit situation that I'm trying to dig myself out of. Used to blame it on my stresses and make excuses but I've realized no one of nothing can drag you down to this point but yourself. Apathy love alcohol.

  14. You are HERE. That says a LOT. You’re aware, you know you don’t want this life.

  15. 4 months sober and I'm struggling to find happiness

  16. A little nervous about today. Leaving for the hospital for more testing for abdominal pain that I've been having the past month or so. Bloodwork and ultrasound were good, but more extensive testing on gallbladder/liver...dr's pretty sure it's a gallbladder problem. It's weird, I'm not a big panicky mess. I'm nervous, but calm, if that makes any sense. Without alcohol frying every nerve in my body and brain, I feel a "normal" type of fear, a more rational and able to handle kind of fear.

  17. Good morning! I hope you all have a good, sober weekend! I will not drink with you today! My counter has been stuck on 124 for over a week lol.

  18. I second Athletic. Partake is also pretty good with lower calories. Both ONLY brew NA beers, no double checking or mistakes.

  19. It's because you're subscribed to a sub related to alcohol, but its algorithm doesn't know that the sub is anti-alcohol.

  20. Ayo! Last birthday for me was incredibly traumatic at my own fault for making an ass of myself. Part of me is grateful for blacking out because if I had to remember all of the awful embarrassing things I did, I would not be able to tolerate my life as well. Gotta love waking up to “how are you feeling?” “dude-“ “you should apologize to-“ “do you remember last night when-“. On my birthday! I tell myself i’ll never see those people again but damn I’m sure they didn’t forget me…lol. I will not drink with you today!

  21. You can see this is a topic lol. (I often try to say “Alcohol-Free,” but SOBER conveys better to others.) It really is up to YOU & how you feel about it.

  22. My favorite nonalcoholic beverages are water, kombucha & herbal tea. If I drink an NA beer, it’s from ATHLETIC or PARTAKE (usually) partially because they’re good, because they’re lower in calories, but also, I LOVE that both breweries only do non-alcoholic. (no double or triple checking, no mistakes.)

  23. There are tons, but I’ve had issues finding good podcasts. Hopefully someone will pipe in with something other than “This Naked Mind,” (which is fine, but I’m sure you’ve got that queued already.)

  24. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out. And yep I’ve done This Naked Mind (and didn’t find it helpful but maybe that’s just me!)

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