1. God her death symbolizes what was wrong with freak show (and most seasons of AHS lol) so much.

  2. As someone who loves freak show, you're absolutely right, it's clear that they didn't have the whole plot in mind when making this season and were mostly throwing every idea on the wall to see what sticks. A lot of seasons are faulty on this matter but freak show is the worst example of it. I'm still trying to understand the whole magician plotline.

  3. Unrelated but I hate that it was introduced, explained and then never had any importance for the overall plot, it was just there for shock value and it didn't have to. Makes it's scene in the first episode pointless and unnecessary, like it wasn't thought out from the beginning

  4. The asthetics are absolutely amazing, it felt like it was building some great lore and the characters are really entertaining to watch. For me, personally, I feel a huge drop of quality from the previous seasons, so huge that I was surprised that it's not one of those seasons where the fans consider "the death of ahs" when I first came to this sub. The story doesn't know where it's going so there's a lot of dropped storylines, the magic is inconsistent and it's too teenage-ey for my liking (nothing against, but there's a reason why Im watching a show with horror in the tittle). That being said, Im glad you liked it, there's a lot of seasons that I love and most people hate, but you asked why someone wouldn't like it so here are my two cents

  5. I don't know if it qualifies as a sitcom, but dead to me is amazing, it's more character focused than plot focused but every episode contributes to the overall narrative. It's definetely worth watching if you haven't yet.

  6. I honestly don't know what Ryan is waiting for, it's not the first time she expressed interest in coming back to ahs and she has nailed every role she had so far.

  7. Didn’t he write Dollhouse? What’s he done that’s so bad? I’m not clued up on the writers so genuine question

  8. He also wrote gaslight, from red tide if I'm not mistaken, wich was really well received. From my understanding he's pretty hit or miss but no more than Ryan or Brad imo. Let's just hope he's on a good day and give us something good.

  9. I think the camp redwood is the perfect to spend eternity because it's a big place and contact with nature. The cortez would be great too but the hotel is prone to be shut down, abandoned or demolished, wich should've already happened considering how many people disapear there every year.

  10. Desalma da globoplay é muito boa, é meio devagar no começo mas vale a pena, me lembrou dark em alguns aspectos

  11. The only seasons that I feel don't do this much are asylum, roanoke and cult(some may disagree). Every season tends to get convaluted at some point, it's just the Murphy style of writing, but these three are the only ones apart from murder house that I felt like some thought was put in the ending beforehand rather than being written as it's filmed as some seasons seem to be

  12. The first 3 episodes were fine but after the witches showed up it kind of became boring. I don't know why, when I dislike something I'm usually able to see what I didn't like, but with apocalypse I just never got interested to see what happens next. I was never a fan a fan of coven and also I knew that all the events were going to be undone in the end so I didn't get motivated to continue. All said, I don't hate this season, except for the murder house episode. Glad you liked it tho

  13. It’s called American Horror Story. Horror revels in misogyny. My question is why does it bother you so much that the roles weren’t reversed? In nearly every horror movie/tv show since the beginning of time-and still- they almost always are. In the same season Madison was gang raped. And it was Madison who said “we can share him” referring to all the guys’ body parts of those who raped her (minus Kyle). Reads as revenge to me which I think was kind of the whole point??

  14. True, it's a horror show, and as such, it's meant to be unconfortable, but the thing is, when dealing with such a heavy topic like SA, there needs to be some sort of sensibility, what happened to Madison was horrible and the show doesn't try to make it look like a good thing, they show how deeply it affected her, but with Kyle it is handled poorly, it seems more like a weird fantasy the writers had, they never treat it as a big deal or even a bad thing at all, and that's my problem with it. I wouldn't prefer him to be a girl, I just brought this up to show how gross the situation would be, everyone would be pissed and rightfully so, so why is it different when it's a guy?

  15. Some of the most revered horror movies feature horrific abuse and sexual assault towards women. Sometimes for a revenge arc, sometimes for exploitation, sometimes for shock value, sometimes for absolutely no reason at all. Doesn’t even have to be horror, actually- it’s just a constant in media regardless. Why is it all of the sudden so upsetting when for once meaningless violence or SA takes place against men??

  16. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I don't understand what your point is, the reason why I brought up the double standards was because it's an easier way to visualize how fucked up the situation is. I am against this subject being treated poorly in any way, I agree that it shouldn't be used in the ways you described and it shouldn't be used the way that it is in the show (treated as a non-issue), the point of my post was to make an observation as to why I think it's creepy since I haven't seen anyone bring this up and it really bothers me since I watched it. My only issue is that it's not framed as a bad thing, not that it happened.

  17. He has the most wasted pottential out of all his characters, but it's understandable that people don't care much about him when even the season itself doesn't

  18. Thank you, I also really hate how they took away all of his agency by saying that none of the bad things we see him doing are really his fault. Obviously this was only done because of his massive amount of fans and atractiveness but to me this only ruins the depth of the character, also can't understand the love that he and Violet as a couple have when dude's a school shooter

  19. For me, same issue with coven and freak show, the story doesn't seem to know where it wants to go so they just introduce more and more stuff untill they don't know what to do with most of them. The main storylines were kind of uninteresting after a while (at least for me, I couldn't care less about the men that the countess bangs and the lowe storyline was boring). I did grow to apreciate it more for what it is but I can't ignore the plot problems that it has, as it's far from being perfect.

  20. Cult and roanoke. Cult is my favourite one so far, the plot is cohesive unlike some other seasons and the psicological horror is really well made imo. Roanoke is pretty great, it has everything I want to see in a horror show, not sure why it is so disliked since it has the most covencional type of horror there is, and I assume most people who watch this show like horror stuff

  21. It´ s possible that Bebe´ s story in cult was a lie to convince the women to join the scum, and the person in the cortez is the actual zodiac killer.

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