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  1. I was making 28k in 1999. Stayed at the company until 2011 and left st 48k. Started the next job at about 55k. Still there now. Have made between 90-105k the past 4 years.

  2. Would have worn this was my buddy's car until I saw the Texas plate. Same messed up trunk hinge and everything.

  3. He was way worse than any of them and covered it up even better

  4. They are not leading shit since at least 25 years. Seriously, Bush, Trump, Biden, are you kidding me?

  5. Its a delicate dance of time, temperature, and pressure to get that seal. This one was sealed too hot, too long, or with too much force. Better than getting a poor seal though

  6. That violates everything Festivus stands for!

  7. Christians do it too. Can personally confirm.

  8. It's not done BECAUSE they're Christian. Jews do it as part of their faith. I think for Christians who are circumcised It's more of a regional/societal thing than a religious thing. Wife and I got, perhaps bad, advise from the OB/GYN when my son was born. He said, "Make the son look like the father."

  9. I never said they did anything because of being Christians

  10. Use towels to clean it up and then just throw a towel or two (depending on how much it absorbs) in with the wash each time instead of adding in detergent

  11. Big brain right here.. You're operating on a whole different level.

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