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  1. She very clearly says "I hope this is my glass" right before picking up her drink, not last.

  2. I love all the IT people in here being snarky. Most of the comments are "well 95% of users cause IT problems."

  3. Lets not forget the legendary Gul Dusac whose military career dead-ended.

  4. I think the Kaylon got lucky, they showed up and the station had already been destroyed, by an egg salad sandwich that mysteriously appeared inside their reactor.

  5. I wonder if these are the same ones from the Discovery S1 finale. Y'know, the fuzzy people behind Burnham during her "That is starfleet" monologue who all look like Spock in The Cage?

  6. It was a different time, standards and practices made them edit out the "er" sound in his chant.

  7. no, the most hated character is Marcus Finn.

  8. if you're on a ship, you follow the basic rules.

  9. But this theory proposes that Spock doesn't have a pointy dick and upturned pubes. It's Spock's mom, Amanda and Captain Angel that are into those.

  10. She's a nurse and has access to Spock's tricorder scans. She knows Spock is half human on the bottom half.

  11. She's a scientist, she has to see for herself. Oh, you know thats the real reason she came up with the therapy. "Yeah, yeah Starfleet medical, it for away missions sure."

  12. As long as the man's booty shorts are black, blue, or brown they will be accepted in polite society as formal wear.

  13. So your saying they didn't cut the breast off, they just removed the fat from one and injected it into their butt and lips.

  14. Do they use it to triangulate the trajectory of the arrow, or some shit?

  15. Biden? He has zero to do with this. This is literally California and California only. But sure, it’s Biden’s fault. Your a dip.

  16. Well these folk dont understand the states dont print money either, what did you expect.

  17. I'm sorry I cant support the genital mutilation of millions of grapes, just so you can have only a PART of a balanced breakfast.

  18. I feel the same way when someone says kneecaps. Goddamn man, there's other body parts to threaten! It doesn't always have to be "euugh, do this or I'll break your kneecaps!" You can be more creative. You're allowed.

  19. Yeah but when I tell people I'm gonna dislocate their shoulders, break their elbows and tie their arm in a square knot I always get sent to HR.

  20. There is a 'theory' that any time you make up a world for a story, somewhere in the multiverse that world now exists. Narnia is real, as is Middle Earth, as is any other land or country from story.

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