1. Cwya says:

    Is it bad I kind of don’t care about Santos?

  2. Ironically enough this new law would classify child beauty pageants as a bannable drag performance. They're defining drag as anything that emphasizes a masculine or feminine body, which covers a shit ton of things that are nowhere near being actual drag.

  3. Also, competitive cheer. Skimpy outfits and a full face of adult makeup on little children. So weird.

  4. This dude has his own demons and clearly benefits from being the Presidents son.

  5. Biden should say he’s going to hire Hunter to be a WH advisor just for the heck of it. See what Republicans do then.

  6. Not sure if you’re still curious, but I’ve had much of the same questions myself. I speculate (ie, this is an educated guess) that she probably transitioned to some extent (but not as extreme as the story she gives media) because of the attention she gained from it. I don’t think she ever truly believed she was trans. Once that burst of attention wore off, she went with the next most attention-grabbing option. Seems like someone who just wants eyes on her & doesn’t care what it takes to get it. She’s young enough that I don’t think she either realizes or cares about the amount of damage she is causing. A one-woman (girl?) force with the power to influence legislation across the country. She likes it, and is getting paid to do it, and will continue doing it regardless of the morality.

  7. Her lawyer is Harmeet Dhillon, former VP of the California Republican Party. She ran for Assembly and Senate but didn’t win either. She was a legal advisor for Trump and was supportive of the big election lie. So, she definitely has an agenda. I agree it’s very suspicious that there is no background information on this Chloe character. It’ll be interesting to see if they actually try to sue the doctor and what details come out.

  8. I’m a lefty but the idea of slicing, dicing and drugging kids when their frontal cortex is nowhere near developed seems like an agenda as well. When you are 18 and an adult, you take the risk with your adult body but leave kids alone.

  9. Most kids aren’t getting surgery. In Chloe’s case, it sounds like she was suicidal and her parents signed off on the surgery instead of seeking a second opinion from a different psychiatrist.

  10. Oh I see so it’s not Motivated by racism but rather by anti-lgbtq bigotry

  11. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t give a shit about you guys.

  12. And they will never understand that, which is pathetic.

  13. It has for some. I turned down an invitation to go on a trip to Disney World with family.

  14. Same. I don’t think I’ll ever visit Florida unless the government changes down there.

  15. Why does the GOP think anything is sexual?

  16. Tucker Carlson and Nick Adams were upset the girl M&Ms weren’t sexy anymore, so there’s that.

  17. Can we find out if George Santos is his real name first before assigning him to committees?

  18. Trump still has top secret documents that haven’t been returned.

  19. So what’s the Biden count up to now? 20-30 documents? Trump still at 300+?

  20. We're actually at the point of goalpost moving from taking classified documents in general to "well, your guy took more". Dems and GOP should be ashamed and abolished.

  21. No, they’re both wrong, but definitely not the same.

  22. Bro even in the deepest reddest most ass backwards states full of lifelong career Republicans top to bottom in every possible government outlet these knuckle dragging fucks would STILL find a way to blame democrats. They just listen to what the authority tells them and vote how they’re told. Not a goddamn scrap of autonomy or critical thinking; by design.

  23. Probably along the lines of “we proposed it but Dems let us pass it”.

  24. I’m glad some people here are accepting of this… so many people intensely struggle with being social to the point it isn’t worth it. Every time I bring this up people say “you’re deluding yourself everyone needs to socialize” and while that’s probably true to some extent, socializing just isn’t pleasurable or even possible for some… so why keep trying.

  25. The older I get, the more I like doing things on my terms and my timeline. Meeting up with friends once in a while is fine, but I like being on my own. Then again, I have a husband and children (and a dog) so a lot of the time I’m taking care of other people.

  26. I saw this in a patriotic USA! USA! style movie. They kept saying, "we don't negotiate with terrorists."

  27. We don’t negotiate with domestic terrorists, we elect them to congress and then give them high profile committee assignments. Lord help us.

  28. He might have been a drag Queen. If true, the GOP will boot him out asap.

  29. After I broke my hip 7-8 years ago they put me on 3 separate opioids and I didn't shit for 7 days. I remember crying on the toilet using a rubber glove to pull the shit out after shoving a suppository up my ass.

  30. This gives me flashbacks of my first poop after my c-section. Fun times.

  31. The problem is NYC has no place to put them either. Right now they are going in hotels. The cost of putting them up in hotels or rentals is 4x the price in NYC than El Paso or other smaller town in Texas. That’s a waste of tax payers money, unless of course, NYC is better at processing them than Texas as it looks likes Texas just doesn’t want to deal with them. In that case, give the border money to NYC and other blue states and let them handle it. Abbott had years and years to get a handle the problem, but it seems like he just uses it as a campaign issue he’ll fix the next time he’s elected. And voters of Texas believe him.

  32. Hotels don’t just appear out of nowhere. Yes it’s cheaper to put them up in hotels in El Paso when there are hotels available, but when you have tens of thousands of immigrants taxing your resources these “just stick them in hotels” approach becomes a juvenile “solution” that doesn’t solve any thing at all. It doesn’t even address the problem it tries to help a symptom.

  33. It’s even harder to make hotels appear in a major metropolitan city. What do you mean by “defend the borders”? You mean shoot migrants?

  34. Yes, but also, if Biden made a bunch of noise about Trump, who would he sound like? Them. It wouldn't be a good look.

  35. To who, moderates? The dems need to be just as loud and crazy as the republicans. Then the moderates can pick if they want to go with Bad Crazy or Good Crazy.

  36. Also, wasn't she photographed sitting in Putin's chair at his desk? If there was a picture of Hunter Biden doing the same, we'd never hear the end of it, but when a Trump does it, it's a minor blip in the news and then everybody forgets.

  37. Yes, you’re correct. She also vacationed with a woman who was Purim’s girlfriend. So many ties to Putin.

  38. To Trump it's like sharing a menu at the local Chinese take out place.

  39. Ironically enough, he has a Classified folder on display at his 45 cocktail bar in Trump Tower.

  40. I wonder what they would do if all women just ignore it. Write up an warnings like they are in the school?

  41. We had congresspeople refusing to walk through metal detectors and bringing weapons onto the house floor, amd that was our federal government! If I was in MO, I’d wear a blazer with no shirt with my tatas hanging out, ready to legislate.

  42. Let’s make a new rule. Anytime an elected official gets shot down for trying to pass illegal measures they should be fined 20% of their annual pay and their campaign should be fined 100x that price. Get these people out of office.

  43. Looks like Turning Point USA is sponsoring her “rallies”.

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