1. Newer 2.0 with front serrations? I know ed brown just recently had non front serration 2.0 slides for 199 and 59 for barrel. That's basically 260 coming from a online store. You have an iron sight upgrade so I think 350ish is possibly a fair asking

  2. Yea man it sucks because any higher you start entering the "I can buy a new gun for that price" realm with these m&p's 😂

  3. It's a solid comp, he sent a buddy of mine a prototype last year and it turned his c2 into an absolute laser

  4. I'm running a 508 but I've seen several c2 with 509 and its good to go ESPECIALLY if it's direct milled

  5. I say get the aluminum P and have the grip bobtailed....God I wish I could do my first staccato purchase over again because I'd do this and never look back

  6. Buddy of mine chunk ported his P and that thing is an absolute fucking laser now

  7. If i remember correctly putting a gen1 slide on a 2.0 frame can lead to issues with slide release, or maybe it was last round slide catch. I think if you put the gen 1 slide catch on it will fix the issue .

  8. Gen 1 slide catch but you have to file down the backside of the paddle. Works fine then

  9. Don't know exact measurements but it's a minimal difference in width but the edges are rounder which definitely feels better in the hand

  10. I just realized how old this was. Thanks for responding. I've reached out to a modder. Debating between a C2 and a C (which you can still buy direct). Just shot a Staccato today and damn it felt amazing. I want one.

  11. What are the chances of that c2 grip still being available?

  12. sigh been waiting on a compact threaded barrel and the very moment I take my eyes off this group 🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. sigh been waiting on a compact threaded barrel and the very moment I take my eyes off this group 🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. I've got a norsso reptile in the 3.6, I wanted 400 for it but it does have dawson fiber sights installed and internals in it already. 500 with recoil spring and barrel but it sounds like you're doing a flush comp build

  15. I have 2 more discreet and 1 secondary.....secondary is solid the 2 more discreet are just okay. Tenicor, LAS, and tier one are the better options

  16. My frame is serialized as a 40 frame and I run a 2.0 slide that I got from Ed brown on it. I also have a buddy that dropped a 9mm barrel in his 40 slide and it runs just fine. I honestly believe the frames are all the same from factory

  17. I was this 🤏🏾 close to trading in both my staccato's for a wilson sfx 4" but couldn't bring myself to let go of 2 guns for just one. It's a phenomenal weapon though, I'd highly recommend

  18. Wow the fact u considered it says a lot tho. I’ve kinda narrowed it to a couple. It’s mainly finding reviews on them and seeing what ppl think. U know find the consistencies. I know nighthawk wilson and atlas have awesome customer service. Much better then staccato as far as I heard

  19. I love my staccato's, I had just gotten bored with em and wanted the "ultimate carry gun" it definitely checked a lot of boxes for what I'd want

  20. Man I wanna do a build so badly but I know it's going to end up consuming my whole life 😂

  21. His bobtail work on c2 grips is amazing. Cleanest I've ever seen

  22. Yea man I flirted with getting a "match" barrel and skip doing a semi drop in but that makes zero sense considering they're the same price. The results from a fitted drop in barrel are incredible and its really not that hard to file it to fit. Think I also wanna send it off for DLC coating too 🤔

  23. That's just interesting enough to try out on my 1911. Trade for BNIB, TLR-1 HL 800 lumen?

  24. It's a damn good light, but I had the same problem with carrying it. It's too long for me. If you prefer the length of like a x300 but with WAY better switches then this is perfect

  25. Will this holster and light work for a 43?

  26. No, 43 doesn't have a rail for the light to attach too

  27. I'll take the module and mags. edit I guess it's dibs. Not I'll take it. But I'll take it at asking price.

  28. So let’s say hypothetically I threw another Jackson at you. Would a conversation with him convince you to break through that red loctite?

  29. I'll see what I can do man, apparently the comp and barrel is a hot item

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