1. It's rumored the Falcons called Watson's agent when the deal was announced demanding to know why they weren't given a chance to match it.

  2. And then they heard the number and said "Oh. Right. Well, the principle of the thing..." and trailed off

  3. Agholor just ran in to catch that table you flipped but he dropped it

  4. You're saying that with the knowledge knowing it was in fact a fumble and gonna be a td. It would have been really stupid to get all hyped and excited just for the replay to be like "yeah he was down".

  5. And they're announcing it under the incorrect assumption that it's not a fumble or a TD. They had all the same information that Breeland did, there wasn't a whistle, they can at least raise their voices a little since there is at least the possibility that this will count. If it's embarrassing to get excited for a non-touchdown it's also embarrassing to not get excited for a real one.

  6. Not that it matters but Picasso would have been down for the cause mate, he fucking hated Franco. Guernica is about as anti-fascist as it gets.

  7. Haggis > paella. "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" > "Macarena." Gerard Butler > Javier Bardem. All official now

  8. Can’t we pass off Gerard Butler to the yanks now, at least go with James McAvoy

  9. To be fair, I think Roman absolutely did realize he was being played. He didn't want to buy Pierce to begin with. He thought any amount of money they paid for a dying legacy news operation was too much money, and when Ken and Shiv jumped the price even more than what they agreed on he very explicitly illustrated it to them exactly how much more money they were talking about.

  10. Roman is the smarter of the kids when it comes to business, they should have followed him. This is gonna backfire

  11. It is going to backfire, but Roman's plan was to stay the course with The Hundred, a bad idea that would fail. They overpaid for Pierce but at least with Pierce they have an asset of value, with Roman's plan they had a nothing idea worth nothing.

  12. Love how Roman says of Shiv's divorce "So sad when love dies" either sarcastically or in a bad attempt to feign human emotions. And then we have the final scene about Shiv's divorce that's unironically one of the saddest scenes that's ever existed.

  13. The fact that you are getting downvoted lol. Shows the type of people who post in this sub. Not surprising because international football attracts a lot of flag waving conservatives

  14. I'm sure some of them are, but I also think a lot of people just don't like hearing about this shit. I sure don't! It's a massive buzzkill. I wish everyone, including myself, would shut up about it, but mostly I wish Rowling would shut up about it.

  15. Shit up about something that is life or death for some people ? No, we shouldn’t shut up about it

  16. In the previous post, irony was used to convey the depressing nature of the controversy, and was not meant to imply that trans people should not speak up for their rights.

  17. Lol Shiv telling the boys she was committed to The Hundred and then looking for exit strategies for months. Unfaithful til the end.

  18. to be completely honest, i never understood all the commentary about the song. the video is one thing, however, there are literally dozens of songs with the exact same “we both know you want me so stop playing hard to get and let’s hook up” message released every year.

  19. Like, it's not not there, people were talking about it immediately, but the problematical offense-itude of the lyrics has gotten wildly exaggerated over the years.

  20. what lyrics specifically cuz everybody says they’re creepy but nobody mentions excctly wht lyrics r the problem i’m curious

  21. "I hate these blurred lines, I know you want it" is the big one. If the lines are blurred, then you don't know she want it.

  22. I've been trying not to say "you know, it's still only 1-0" for like 30 minutes because it seemed so unlikely that Wales would take advantage

  23. Miley literally has the #1 song in the country. She is more popular now than she has been in a decade. Maybe one niche subreddit is a) not representative of "pop fans," and b) more supportive than you claim. And also maybe the album is legitimately not as good as previous Miley albums, why does everyone have to like this record or they're ageist?

  24. This has got to be the most effective ad campaign going, I haven't thought this much about Whoppers in years

  25. This is a complete derail from the argument OP is presenting. Presumably, the person in the scenario OP describes above has the ability to determine reliable sources from bullshit.

  26. In case you don't know, Dani Rojas is based on Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, and Chicharito scored his first goal for Man U with his face, seen above

  27. Tell you what, spend thirty seconds trying to find a citation and if you can't, come back to me

  28. I don’t think it’s a gotcha. I think it highlights how logically inconsistent it would be to believe in someone experiencing “gender euphoria” while also disparaging someone experiencing “racial euphoria”.

  29. It would be relevant if it was a commonly accepted tenet of trans activism but it's not. It's hotly debated and controversial. Your premise is that if transgenderism can exist without dysphoria, then transracialism can exist without dysphoria. Even if we accept that premise, that doesn't necessarily mean that transracialism is as legitimate as transgenderism. It could just mean that transgenderism in fact does not exist without dysphoria, and that the side arguing that it does is wrong.

  30. The writers pull stories from real life/football all the time. Hearing this, I'm positive that was the source of that story line. Apparently, Zava, the player everyone is jockeying for in this episode is based on Swedish player, Zlatan Ibrahimović, who has a similarly arrogant and sensational profile.

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