1. She was stunningly sexy in her softcore work, and her very prominent nipples are the stuff of legend. :)

  2. Indeed! She made every frame of Visions of Passion pretty pulse-pounding and pants unzipping. :)

  3. I remember her most from The Mummy’s Kiss…a softcore “horror” classic…if that’s a thing.

  4. Super hot. She disappeared after those Costa Rica videos where she was starting doing porn, right?

  5. Yeah, she kinda faded away. She did do a few hardcore scenes that are pretty hot after seeing her in softcore stuff for years.

  6. I’m not sure where and it’s been a few years since I last saw it.

  7. Absolutely! She’s so damn underrated. And what a body! 😍 She’s probably AMAZING in bed.

  8. Judging from some of the foreign films she’s done, I’d say she’s definitely fun and open minded in bed.

  9. Same. Cumming in her tight pussy has to be the most pleasurable experience ever. She’s my absolute fave celeb.

  10. Eye contact with her during sex has to be fucking awesome

  11. I’d really luv to lick and suck on those beautiful balls

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