Be me, sitting in my car, having lunch. Watched a woman hit the pole. Called police on me. Claimed I moved the pole to cause her to get into an accident. Had to stay for an hour while the incident was investigated.

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Male Karen in my city

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  1. What would have happened if you took a picture/ video of the area (to verify no fault), and then simply left the scene?

  2. I'm not smart enough to do that. 🙃 Also, she threatened to call again if I left, probably to report me leaving the scene of the "accident." Leaving probably would've just escalated things more.

  3. Starting a sentence with "be me" is very mildlyinfuriating

  4. Aww damn, you posted before I could with my alt account.

  5. As one of those who really like body hair, there is nothing wrong with you. Tons in my area including me love gingers, especially bearded ones.

  6. Sex with women cool ! sex with men, cool! Hairy.... Fine. Smooth... fine; skinny, fine; chubby... fine. Bi straight gay lesbian, jock , Twink, milf ext.... all fine hell quality time spent with a resonay squishy object, cool! Sex with anyone 40 plus or minus 20 years, cool!

  7. I don't think any one is saying you're a freak. What do you mean by that?

  8. I've always heard "math is hard." This takes it to another level

  9. I never realized homoerotic abstract art was a thing but now I want some

  10. I think I just got 3 cavities from looking at that cereal. Whoa

  11. Imagine that! Actions...have consequences! What a bizarre concept!


  13. It such a shame that these guys have to put up with this kind of harassment; they're just trying to do their jobs. I'm sure a good portion of it is meant in good harmless fun but it must get incredibly irritating to deal with it when they're trying to take their job seriously. Not to mention, uncomfortable. Disclaimer: don't touch people without their consent. Also disclaimer: respect people's personal space. Final disclaimer: TREAT HUMAN BEINGS LIKE ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS, YOU RUDE SACKS OF POTATOES

  14. I grew up gay in a traditional catholic home; I'm not going to judge anyone's beliefs but I personally didn't like it for obvious reasons.

  15. No, we just want you to apologize for being sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, just generally prejudiced against any group of people, or some combination of them all; you just so happen to be white. People would still ask you to apologize if you were a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple, people-eater. And also for eating people.

  16. A friend of mine did something similar in college. She (thankfully) got to borrow one of her textbooks from the university library, provided she didn't write in it, lose it, or damage it beyond wear and tear. Otherwise, she either had to pay for a brand new book or, if she could only find one secondhand, a used book plus a $200 fee.

  17. Mushrooms. Can't get over the texture. The taste is fine, in fact, I quite enjoy it. Cream of mushrooms soup? Yeah, as long as they're isn't pieces of mushroom in it. Mushroom gravy? I love it (As long as there's not pieces of mushroom) Had canned mushrooms of all kinds. No. Had fresh mushrooms of all kinds. No. Had the big portobellos as a burger or steak. No. Cooked or raw? No. On pizza? No. I've had mushrooms in any size, shape, cooked or chilled, etc. that I can think of. And I still don't like them.

  18. Mine is a long, arduous one but here we go, get ready!

  19. My boyfriend and I don't have children and never plan on having children but we have had the "what if?" conversation about choosing names.

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