1. Got a new hi-vis vest at work one morning. Tag was fucking me up almost immediately so I ripped it off and stuffed it in front chest pocket. Few hours later we're all in a stand around meeting. I look down at one point and see something black in my pocket for a split second. I investigate to find what looks like a decent size black spider upside down balled up, bunch of threads legs sticking up. Middle of the meeting I wrangle my vest off quicker than somebody who just got lit on fire and stomp on the pocket.

  2. We ignoring the fact they're speaking about DRS'ing and even posting a link. (Where that link go?) I think the person writing the article could be trying to 'blink twice' some truth out there for us.

  3. Ha. Thank you! After 84 yrs, you forget these things

  4. Been out the gaming scene for a minute. Is 85~ gigs pretty standard for a AAA rpg now days?

  5. Any way to find out who is borrowing? There's no public record that has to be submitted from the people doing the lending?

  6. And then even though your holding down reverse, physics say fuck you and you accelerate forward at Mach 3 speeds

  7. Yous ever make it to the final boss in the original Tomb Raider?

  8. I never actually get the purpose of safe houses and they cost ridiculous bandwidth. Can you enlighten me?

  9. Fast travel locations. Good spot to rest up if you pushed too hard and keep getting the "Catch Breath" prompt every 15 seconds. Nice spot to steal claim resources for close by road pavers. Not aure if you can repair vehicles at them or not but if you can, that's a mice plus for out in the wild. Store some resources there you found nearby for use later.

  10. I was born in the middle of the year and I was going off of direction from the night before it was due to show up in the morning.

  11. Not only that but the website layout in hella generic, you can tell it's created by an amateur, or well I can anyways... That sucks for your homie for real though. What did they use to pay with?

  12. America's gun problem is so bad, the fucking pets are shooting people now.

  13. You can only enter cheats at the pause screen. Can only bring up the pause screen after the intro cutscene.

  14. You can almost hear those in power not giving a shit

  15. Just finished it, the part where Sam looked right at the camera and said "doodoo caca peepee, where is my BB" made me sob

  16. The part where Fragile says "I'm Fragile, but not that fr-" and then DieHard-Man (now portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) shoots her in the back of the head took me by surprise.

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