AITA for tipping $10 on a $300 bill?

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  1. Go see a doctor to clean out your ear. Please don't do it yourself to not damage your ears.

  2. Yes it's a train wreck. And no there's no chance it can work out. He clearly has a family somewhere. Better to leave this be.

  3. No don't go back to crazy town. You deserve way better than that. Best thing you could've done is divorce your wife. And please stay divorced. Preferably no contact to ensure your well being and mental health.

  4. NTA for disinviting her. But you could've done that before she flew over. I hope that this won't result in a family drama afterwards.

  5. YTA. And your girlfriend as well. You enable her bad behavior. The most adult person is your daughter of 18. Shame on you both!

  6. NTA. Return her child to her every time she does this. She needs to learn to deal with the consequences of her actions. Or else just ban her from picking up her daughter.

  7. OP says that his wife assigned the chores and she gets hostile when he tries to address it.

  8. Getting hostile when your partner addresses something he's not comfortable with is abusive.

  9. Dump her. If she disrespects you in front of her friends by acting as if she's single, then give her her freedom. You deserve way better than that.

  10. Freedom. Having the freedom to live my life as I please. I can't see myself dedicating my life to raising a kid for the next 20 years.

  11. Divorce her if you're that unhappy in your marriage that even counseling couldn't save it. The fact that she cheated before you guys got married isn't that relevant as you married her anyways knowing she cheated on you.

  12. If it really bothers you that much you need to reconsider this relationship. And stop immediately with giving her oral if it's not reciprocated.

  13. Not that I know of. I recommend you ask this question in the Facebook group

  14. If only there was another choice they had before it came down to abandoning or murdering the child they didn't want but were forced to carry...

  15. I’m saying ESH. Yes you shouldn’t have insulted him / his family the way you did. But your boyfriend was pushing you re: meeting your parents and he needs to respect the fact that not everyone is as close to their family as he is with his. He should’ve dropped it when you said no (I’m surprised you are getting so many Y T A responses with Reddit’s primary phrase being “Remember, ‘no’ is a complete sentence…”)

  16. YTA. Plus you and him clearly don't match. Instead of directing your bitterness at your parents you're insulting and belittling your boyfriend and his family.

  17. Your former MIL can take care of her granddaughter. It's not your problem.

  18. Well that's good news. I can't stand her annoying narcissistic ass.

  19. I always wondered how the world would be if Europeans didn't colonize the world...

  20. But, my problem with that mindset, is that this ruling doesn't give them (more) control over women, It just shifts the whole issue to state level. In essence it gives the Federal Government less control over the situation.

  21. Republican states gain control over women. All the mainly red states banned abortion. Those are also the states with the poorest population and less resources.

  22. Biden is anti-abortion, hence why this is happening under his Term.

  23. Most of the democratic party is pro choice. Plus politicians always favor party politics above personal opinions.

  24. 19 is old enough to learn to live with the consequences for her actions. She's an adult now.

  25. So turn all those states blue. And make new federal abortion laws that overturn the state laws. With a blue mayority there won't be enough Republicans blocking those.

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