1. It's just weird bro. "Aww how adorable, i wanna take her/home for myself. Would that be okay???????"

  2. It didn’t say take it home for myself. It said I want to take it home. It’s not weird taking pics, it’s a public establishment. If it was a underskirt or zoomed to her legs or some body part then that’s weird and creepy. It’s the same shit when ppl see a cute dog or cat and say I wanna take it home. There’s nothing wrong! Also I’m not a bro! I’m a woman/mother. I wouldn’t get offended if someone said awww I wanna take your kid home. I would say no thank you but my child is mine, Ik my kid is cute.

  3. Yeah but with dogs and cats, they are MEANT to be treated that way because they are PETS

  4. If it’s a dude saying it then yea it’s weird as hell but if it’s mom to mom it’s not. In the past women approached me telling me that my son is so cute they wanna keep him and eat him up cuz he’s too cute. In Spanish we say tan chulo para comer los cachetes. In English is very weird but in Spanish it’s normal to say it.

  5. FYI the twitter pic isn’t him. Irl he’s a fat white guy with a Mexican fuckboy haircut. The 11yr old is not his sister. It’s his 13yr old gf he has sex with for 6 months. Look it up on google.

  6. He molested a 13yr old in Chico California and got arrested and sentenced 6yrs. Tbh he should’ve gotten life so he can’t get out and harm another child

  7. 🤦🏻‍♀️ they could’ve sent it in a recyclable paper mailer instead of a huge box

  8. Mine only said label created but I complained to customer service and they emailed me a tracking number which said “scanned”. I got my box like 2 days after I contacted cs. What’s even worse they emailed me saying the living proof frizz oil is sold out and they refunded me…. But it’s in the edit sale right now! This pissed me off

  9. Annual sales normally suck. Fff tends to add the good stuff in the seasonal edit sales. I would just wait for the seasonal window

  10. My caps were off of mine and had some leakage from the nozzle. Did u check ur box? Sometimes it can be hidden in the filler paper. That’s how I found my caps.

  11. She has Kate spade pearl earrings and the luv aj Huggies. The choker looks familiar but not sure of the brand name.

  12. Since we can’t post the link just copy and paste this on the amazon search

  13. Holy crap the ones on Amazon are the same exact ones on fff. Thank you for posting about it. Definitely going to buy them on Amazon.

  14. It looks like a dead rabbit. Its poor ears are the handles.

  15. just in time for Easter 😂only if it was a lighter color to go Easter egg hunting to scare the kids and say it’s a dead rabbit

  16. my box just arrived.It’s odd it got shipped overnight. Idk if it makes a difference the speed that I spent $255ish.

  17. spray a disinfectant spray on it and let it sit next to a dehumidifier

  18. Mine does the same. Also got a lot of buildup on my scalp. It’s annoying. I have to use a dry shampoo the next day to get rid of the grease

  19. Should be within 2 weeks of billing. If not, contact cs and ask for an update. I've found that when I do that i generally have shipping info pretty quickly.

  20. The only size available for $5.99 is the 2X/3X. The other sizes were sold out during customization.

  21. This is an important point. Thank you for sharing this. I got mine as a regular choice for Customization 2 so I didn't pay any extra. My box was still worth quite a bit more than what I paid for it and I needed L/XL, which is no longer an option.

  22. I need a 2x/3x but I read the reviews saying it’s soo big so I added a 0X/1X size. Tbh I would want it to be huge because I want it to be able to fit my belly when it gets huge during pregnancy

  23. That’s weird because the sale I was able to get size 0X/1X

  24. I'm just shy of 5'6" and when I wear mine it hits in between the knee and butt. Little closer to the butt. Not including the hood... It's about 38"/97.5cm long by about 67"/170cm wide. It wraps around me nicely. My bf is about 5'9", and it sits just below his butt when he steals it, hope that helps. 😊

  25. My 13yr old son is 6ft 200 pounds. The length hits like 1-2 inches below his waist and he can fully wrap his upper body with it. It’s not a small Sherpa blanket. I’m 5’2 wear a size 3x and I can fully cover my fat body in it 😂

  26. The Sherpa throw is a lot bigger. I have 2 from previous box. My son loves his a lot. Especially when he’s wrapped in it while in his wheelchair.

  27. As a woman I like that he wants women to be Feminine and to be lead by men who are financially supporting the woman. He’s old school. He does speak facts and wisdom. I just don’t agree with the whole sex trafficking shit.

  28. If you can’t afford a woman just say it. Don’t be in a relationship if you can’t afford to take care of her. Men are suppose to be the providers.

  29. Ah a feminist libtard I see. This is why Andrew Tate bros get more pussy than you libtards. Women are suppose to be feminine and let the man lead and support her. She is the one who takes care of the home and him.

  30. Ppl change when they lose weight. A lot of divorces happen when a person loses weight and then leaves for a better looking person. Ngl it’s kinda sus. I have a feeling you’re gonna find a skinny girl and then leave ur chubby gf.

  31. Why don’t you make her buy one of those fancy automatic litter ball that cleans itself 🤦🏻‍♀️ make her pay for it. Also reselling is a job if she actually does her best at it, which seem she isn’t doing shit. I would just kick her out.

  32. Nope! You’re right! Also kick your son out to if he’s not paying rent. Having his gf around adds more cost to your food and water and utilities. If he wants her around then he should man up and pay for her essentials while she’s there.

  33. I used mine after a shower. My skin felt soo silky. I live in a humid area though. Not sure if that makes a difference

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