1. I cancelled both mine so I can use the money to buy a dog 😂 The sales aren’t worth it anymore since I find cheaper items at Marshall’s

  2. The scarves and robe are terrible! I’d drop them. The only good thing is the nightie. I wore mine last night lol

  3. I’ve spent $198ish but this second edit sale I’m going to spend $390-400ish.

  4. It’s a long list. I’ll make a post with a screenshot of all the items

  5. I have 2 annuals. One is about to renew on winter but I’m going to cancel right after my edit sale purchase is shipped. My other one is going to expire in spring 2023, definitely going to cancel that one too. The prices are crazy. I’ll just buy all the edit sale items and other stuff from the actual makers of all the items. Also most skincare are produced in China by wholesalers. All what brands do is slap their name on them.

  6. All the hair clips on fff edit sale can be bought cheaper from the actual makers in China for less than $1 each 😂

  7. Seasonal ppl should just sign up for annual because paying $60 per season is a rip off

  8. I just dropped the Elemis. Tbh it’s been popping up a few times

  9. Yea they were except the Elemis. Saw it for the first few min and it became out of stock

  10. Do you need 2 facial oils, 3 face creams/night creams and 2 masks? These items might expire or go bad before you have a chance to use them.

  11. U can actually use facial oils for the whole body. That’s how I’m able to use up all my face oils and serums before they expire. I mostly used them all over so I can prevent aging. A lot of ppl forget to take care of their hands and legs. It doesn’t look right having a tight face but have wrinkly hands and saggy knee skin

  12. I have the Anastasia lip glosses. They’re sooooo pigmented af! But feel very sticky. I have the tote but in the red/pink color, I really love how well made and thick the fabric is.

  13. I have the bowls, stila, eyeshadow palette. The stila dries out fast and gets clumpy. The bowls are great and I use em for salsa and nacho cheese. The eyeshadow palette is very pigmented but dry.

  14. Thank you good to know! I’ve gotten the stila glitter mini ones before from ulta and those things dried up fast! I thought maybe it was just the minis or the specific formula. And thank you for the info on the eyeshadow palette! Do you find it hard to blend or apply patchy bc it’s dry? And the bowls almost everyone loves them apparently! I’ve been eyeing them for a while, so they staying in my cart for sure now 😂.

  15. Only one color was patchy for me but the rest were fine to use. Reason why I say dry is because a lot of fall out but if u build it up lightly it’s fine. I have a few palettes from that brand from previous sub boxes. I do recommend it.

  16. There’s alot of bad chemicals in it that isn’t safe for the human body. I skipped this

  17. Don’t get the white one with the stone because u can’t sanitize stone! It gets micro cracks and can harbor bacteria. If u boil it, it might ruin the device. I prefer the one without the stone

  18. PMD clean was too harsh on my face- after regular use I realized it was ruining my moisture barrier and stripping my skin. I always thought it was my cleansers, but it was the device! Stopped using it and my skin is so much healthier.

  19. Tbh it’s not meant for regular use. If u do ur face gets more plump and builds more collagen. I use mine 2-3 times a week

  20. Target sells silicone dog bowls in rainbow and other colors for $5

  21. I have all of those. I use my tote a lot and the shampoo/conditioner is amazing on my thin hair. It gives my hair a major fluff

  22. I love mine too. My autistic son loves his. I use it for his facial massages to help him build stronger muscles around his mouth so he can learn to talk

  23. As both an occupational therapist and FFF lover, your comment makes me so happy.

  24. My sons speech and occupational therapist recommended a vibrating face tool they used on his cheeks and around his mouth. I couldn’t afford the one they use. So I got the pmd in a box choice while back. It actually works better imo because it doesn’t have the rolling metal balls on the end. He prefers the smooth side of his pmd.

  25. Are they a FFF brand? The marketing materials look the same

  26. It’s own brand owned by Ellen. The one who does talk shows.

  27. I have the black one. Tbh I thought it would’ve been high quality but it’s not. It feels like a cheap bag from aliexpress. The fabric feels like cheap outdoor fabric on cardboard. It’s not even a true black. It looks faded.

  28. While not exactly witchy, I did find Therabox to be more focused on items about healing & growth.

  29. I have therabox and singles swag. They’re pretty much the same company but different variations. I love both. Tbh not a lot of ppl know about those boxes. It’s waaay better than most boxes.

  30. I never liked earth harbor because the products are heat and light sensitive. Most of the time they expire too fast.

  31. Mine is very stiff and big. The color isn’t as black as the picture. It looks like when a black shirt is outside too long under the sun.

  32. i have the dusty rose color one in the backpack, duffel bag, tote. i love them all. after getting the tote from fff. i got the rest at marshall’s

  33. same ☹️ I’ll be canceling when I get my box

  34. tbh it should state it has honey for ppl allergic to it

  35. the last sale when they had the vitamin c serum alone i got like a few and they weren’t spoiled. i think the vitamin c serums are bad to get from fff during the hot weather

  36. They have until September first to ship for annuals. I'm confused. A lot of peoples boxes haven't shipped yet.

  37. half of annuals that chosen the ks serum got their boxes delayed and being shipped later when everyone chooses a new option for cat 6

  38. I am a huge fan of indie lee products. Most of their products have great reviews on Sephora (not that that’s a foolproof metric). Overall I think the brand is quality.

  39. thank you. i’m definitely gonna be excited to try it

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