TIFU by buying a life size sex doll

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  1. You keep making the same point but how is that better in any way? How does this improve anything? It's just allowing yet another company to make profits off a public service.

  2. Yea I mean TST is kinda similar where you may have people doing black masses and other rituals and shit for the drama of it, basically intentionally being "blasphemous"

  3. In context that's more to do with harnessing the influence of ritual. If you believe what you're doing will help you get that job, do a thing, bring harm to someone then it can focus your mind and actions (or express your anger/rage/whatever so you can use it as motivation). Lavey and the writers after fully acknowledge it's just focusing intent sort of like meditation or some concepts in martial arts. (There is a LOT of pointless in-fighting between the various sub-groups using the ´Satanist' label though, except the fascist assholes, they don't belong anywhere)

  4. Glad you mentioned "focusing intent". Most people dont seem to understand that Satanism (both church and temple) have more in common with the self help book "The Secret" than they have with an "actual" religion.

  5. All of the above borrow from much older knowledge and beliefs the labels just change. (eg. Qi, Yoga, prayer, etc). Ritual is just a really effective way to harness it

  6. Oooh love it! That's incredibly creepy. The added black veins around the mouth are a cool detail

  7. It definitely still happens here, just far less and sometimes the cops are held accountable.

  8. I simultaneously know that I'm on the right track finally and steadily improving my storytelling skills, and that through networking and meeting other established authors, editors, etc that even if I become a published author, you can't make a living on it anymore. I love writing and playing with ideas but between the garbage state of trad pub and the massive competition for attention as an indie creator, it all feels pointless.

  9. The siren thing isn't an Ontario thing it's a city vs country/suburb thing. I live downtown in a city on Ontario and there's lots of sirens.

  10. Yeaaah constant sirens in London ON, and pretty regular shootings and assaults. Nowhere near as bad as some areas of Philly but it sounds like OP wasn't in a major city

  11. This whole time I was thinking OP meant tornado sirens I live off Highbury and I don’t find that many sirens. Some days worst than others Maybe I don’t live close enough to a station?

  12. Fair, I'm near downtown and not far from Vic so maybe it's just the area.

  13. The world needs more people like her. It's nice to see us caring for each other...

  14. Agreed, back in 1999 my family had a housefire, and thankfully no one was home. However a passing electrician stopped and kicked in our door, braving smoke and some nasty high heats to check if anyone was home then called the fire dept. (Great guy, through pure coincidence I dated his niece a year later).

  15. The blinkers thing isn't a new thing... People haven't been using their blinkers since they've been invented. What is new is the increase in people going way above the speed limit, and red light runners & 3 deep yellow light left turners.

  16. Hell... Before he became a wrestler Steve Austin was a driving instructor, and when asked what problems he saw most it was blinkers. From what I recall he said something along the lines of "they're called indicators for a reason"

  17. luckily my boys like a decent middle grade food. but if the flavor they usually eat is gone at the shops? oh. mayhem.

  18. Yeaaah.... I made the mistake of buying my cat and dog slightly more expensive versions of their wet food as a treat (and every pet store was out of their usual food).... now they refuse to eat the usual food...

  19. Never swam, but he loved the kitchen sink, especially when the tap was dripping. The bath was a cursed place, though.

  20. Yours too?! One of mine thankfully never climbed in but she did open the freezer to get at catnip and left it open... for 6 hours while I was at the office because all the food was basically spoiled.

  21. Endlessly curious. I had to rescue that idiot from more than one roof.

  22. Haha that sounds about right. Mine aren't allowed outside, but the day they came home as kittens I had to rescue her twice. With my previous bengals, same thing. The second day after adoption one of them found their way inside the motor of our ancient dryer. (Thankfully it was disconnected... then disassembled to get him out)

  23. I think London is a town with normal issues and an older, conservative population which is preventing what needs to happen for us to grow into a functioning city.

  24. Seconded, I will also add that London used to be a much better place to live in the early 00s, it's really started going downhill or at least the issues are more becoming more obvious in the last decade

  25. Seconded, "Peer review" is a Standard across software dev, engineering, medicine, and a thousand other industries and art forms for a reason.

  26. Given that there are in fact people who find these things peak masturbation entertainment... it genuinely wouldn't surprise me if there are also people who would buy a used one xD Never forget, people have bought used bath water and half-eaten toast shaped like Jesus.

  27. There's sex doll brothels in some EU countries, and I think Toronto, Ontario as well... so some people will buy it used

  28. Nobody here is asking the real question though; what'd you name her?

  29. Lady Angela Tex, but she prefers to use her initials L.A. Tex

  30. Do you think Elon Musk got where he is by sleeping?

  31. it helps when your folks own emerald mines in apartheid South Africa...

  32. Yeaaaah.... Southern Ontario, hours away from the GTA..... a condemned house full of black mold a few doors down just sold for 400k$

  33. The most baffling thing to me is how the Author got a negative earning balance. I would have assumed, at worst, the balance would be $0. Does that mean Amazon is charging the Author the full cost of the book for the refund? That just doesn't make sense.

  34. More or less yes, in addition to a delivery fee that's charged back to the author when an ebook is returned.

  35. The Church of Satan is already working on this.

  36. you're thinking of The Satanic Temple. CoS has a strict policy to stay out of politics as part of their belief that religion should never be part of government nor should you indoctrinate anyone, but especially not kids.

  37. here's hoping... though I think it'll take a lawsuit or complaint from larger publishers that sell on Amazon. They couldn't care less about indie authors when all of the losses are being recouped.

  38. I bet they wouldn't care even if they did know. Some people like free shit more than paying authors (source: the entire Internet)

  39. This tracks after seeing all of the comments on this original tweet and among other authors on Twitter interacting with supposed "fans" who try to justify it by claiming poverty, or my favourite comment "why should the readers have to pay for the author's expenses?" ..... humans were a mistake

  40. In this specific use case, once he has a plot, he writes his key scenes as standalone short stories in the same universe. The focus becomes making those stories solid, then writing the connective pieces. Added benefits - I write the short stories on a note app I can access from PC and my phone so if I think of something while working or whatever I can work it in or add a note immediately. (In CP's case he talks about making notes on Fight Club on his manuals at the Bus factory). Also, this approach gives you a bunch of possible excerpts you can shop around to sites and magazines as a form of marketing for your novel.

  41. Can you kindly let me know where you got this info? Just want to know where I can learn more.

  42. https://www.amazon.ca/Consider-This-Moments-Everything-Different/dp/1538717956/ref=nodl_?dplnkId=f2a27721-3cc8-4c9d-b8eb-db9b4340c332

  43. Might be the wrong place to ask. This is a resource that specializes more in independent publishing, and our opinions of traditional publishing tend to skew towards all the comparative disadvantages of it.

  44. Seconded, also I haven't checked in the US specifically but there isn't much of a Trad market for erotica from what I've seen and heard from Publisher news and lit agents

  45. The Mars Volta, Manson, Nin, Killing Joke, Street Sects, Bosnian Rainbows, MSI, Tobacco, Down, Tubring, QOTSA.

  46. Mars Volta's great, Deloused in the Comatorium and Parabola by Tool were my late highschool early University music staples.

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