1. Crank angle, and cam position sensors. If those are dead / bad, the computer won't know where things are. Given you have spark, I'm assuming they're good to an extent. Also check compression, and timing.

  2. I don’t have a pressure tester, I pulled one of the plugs and they’re flooded with fuel and I pulled the cover off and timing belt is pretty tight.

  3. Okay. Flooded with fuel tells me spark plugs aren't firing right, or not enough. Or it's a compression problem. Do you have a compression tester? Parts shop nearby that can loan you tools?

  4. I can go to the part store. I feel like it’s fucked. My brother drives like an asshole so ifeel like it’s something bad but in want to do all the rest shit first

  5. It's bolted to the bottom of the intake manifold. Dead center when you open the hood.

  6. So I got to actually looking and I found the hose had popped off the innercooler. That was my main issue. Now when I get to about 65 and try to keep a constant speed it starts to sputter but if I accelerate it goes away.

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